So, apparently the only people who think I’m crazy for wanting a new wheel are my parents . . .

I was invited to Risa’s house this morning, to check out and play with her wheel collection. I say “play” advisedly because I was completely inept at adapting to the different feel and tension of her Lendrum (entirely my own fault!). Treadling was fine, but actually spinning?? I couldn’t get anything spun that didn’t break, and finally quit altogether with the wool, and just, well, treadled. She pulled out her Bosworth Journey wheel, too, which is an engineering marvel–so very cool!–I of course, am now longing for one. I mean, I’m trying to be practical, but . . . what a very nifty wheel that was! And I resisted touching her Tina or Lendrum Saxony wheels . . . they’re more than I can afford right now, and I AM trying to be practical!

It was really nice to chat with another spinner, though, and a pleasure to meet her twins, who are adorable, but were a little taken aback by finding me in their living room. (“What, Mom, we take a little nap and you invite strangers into our HOUSE? What else do you do while we’re sleeping?”) I don’t actually think I’m that scary–and Risa’s kitten seemed to like me–but . . . you don’t argue with just-woken toddlers! It was about time for me to leave, anyway, my poor mother was sitting in the car . . . we had some errands to run, so she came along, but she’s allergic to cats and didn’t want to go inside, so she sat with a book instead (grin). It was a nice visit, though, but I unfortunately didn’t think to bring my camera . . .

The rest of the afternoon has been reasonably peaceful. Mom and I finished our errands, got some coffee at Starbucks, then came home to take Chappy for a walk. HE was very interested in the (gasp!) cat smells on my jeans, but forgave me for my indiscretion as soon as I got his leash out. We spent the afternoon sitting by the window, reading, and just now, I finished supper. (I had pasta with sauteed onions, peppers, garlic, and spinach, with leftover meatballs and a splash of wine and chicken broth; Chappy had Sojourner Farms’ European-Style Dogfood Mix with chicken and beef cubes; and Mom and Dad are out somewhere, having dinner, well, out.)

I still can’t believe the beautiful, early-Spring day we had today–about 55 degrees and sunny–when we’re supposed to get a “wintry mix” tomorrow. I do like snow, and I almost never complain about being too cold, but . . . I am ready for Spring now. (My feeling, incidentally, is that you can complain about winter or summer, but not both. If you complain about being too cold in the winter, fine, but then I don’t want to hear anything from you during the hot, humid August days; and contrary-wise, if you complain about the summer heat (as I do occasionally), you’re simply not allowed to gripe when it’s too cold. That’s just . . . selfish!)

And–one of today’s errands? I shipped out four packages today–one to my KR secret pal, one to my Haremail buddy, and two RAOK packages (one of which the recipient knows about, the other is a surprise).

And, back to the Interview thing, Maryellen wants to play, too:

1. What started you making art dolls? They’re lovely!

2. In general, you seem to do a lot of different kinds of crafts–what have you NOT tried that you would like to? Anything you’re not at all interested in?

3. How many, and what kind of, pets do you have?

4. What’s your favorite/ideal vacation?

5. You said at the beginning of winter that you were thrilled with the snow–do you still feel that way, months later? Or are you ready for Spring?


The rules, you’ll remember, are as follows:

1. Leave me a comment saying “interview me.”

2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones below.

3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

5 Thoughts on “Ah, Sanity!

  1. I’ve answered the questions on my blog. I hope you find the wheel of your dreams. I have an ashford traditional with a jumboo bobbin unit that I love. I’ve seen a few other Ashfords out there at conferences and such but I seem to be the only one out there who loves their wheel to death. A spinning friend in Michigan bought a lendrum after using several other kids and really likes it. Experiment before you buy even if it means waiting until a big fiber fair. I think there’s a spinning group that meets in North Jersey that might be a place to try other wheels. Check Spin Off to see if there’s a guild local. You don';t have to join just visit to shop. Does Beey Oldebridge still own the Spinnery?

  2. I noticed the increased tension on the Lendrum too when I first got it but now it seems just right. It’s something you just have to play around with to get used to. I still recommend the lendrum – it’s just so versatile (and portable too).

  3. I don’t think your crazy at all. Wheels on my list to try are the Majacraft Rose, Tina II, and the Schacht DT. I’ve tried the Lendrum and it was very smooth, but I noticed with only one bar it felt like all the tension was on one treadle and not the other pedal at all. Seemed a bit different compared to my Joy. I want a second one myself and just want to try them all before I decide I guess.

  4. Judging by my moniker, I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit as I enjoyed it as well! After I sat down to spin that beautiful shetland you gave me, thank you again for that, I noticed that the tension was a bit rough on the wheel. It can be a bit finnicky, problem with all scotch tension wheels, the smallest adjustment to the knob can mean a huge difference. My ponytail holder tension rubberband substitute can also be a bit odd for those who don’t expect it.

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