First, an update on my KR Secret Pal package. My pal has contacted UPS and they’ve called me twice, and . . . I’m starting to worry that somehow, this is our fault, that the package may somehow have ended up being (gulp) recycled. The sad part is that nobody remembers doing so or not doing so, but my local UPS driver (who’s at our house at least once or twice a week) distinctly remembers dropping off two packages on Friday, at the same time, and with the same time stamps on their tracking system. Since I definitely have one of them, I have a hard time believing the other one got up and walked away!

The problem, assuming it comes down to this, is that we far-too-frequently get sent unsolicited catalogs from both Office Depot and from Staples–big, thick ones in cardboard boxes–and since my secret pal shipped the package from Staples, it’s possible . . . just absurdly possible enough! . . . that the box was tossed without really looking at it–which would explain why none of us remember it. (Who remembers junk mail once it’s out of your hands? Not that this would have been junk mail, but assuming this is what happened, we didn’t know that! And if this is what happened, I feel even worse about it than I did yesterday! Believe me, if one of us accidentally recycled my gift package, nobody feels worse about it than I do!!)

Sigh. That would be just my luck, wouldn’t it?? Talk about stupidity!

On the plus side, I got an e-mail from Woodland Woolworks and they’re sending me a check for the amount they accidentally overcharged me. Edited to add: Or will they? I just got another e-mail saying, basically, “nope, we were right the first time,” when they clearly weren’t. My packing slip states exactly how much more I was due to be charged for the back-ordered items and I was charged more than that. It doesn’t get simpler than that, does it? Argh! They’d better send the check! I’ve got plenty of back-up documentation if they need it.

dscn0994  I passed the halfway point on the edging for my Brooks Farm shawl. I figure, two more nights and it will be done, and I have no problem letting my Peacock rest that much longer!

dscn0998  Here’s a close-up of the edging, unblocked though it obviously is. (You can really see the colors beautifully in this shot. Man, this yarn is gorgeous.)

The sweater-strike of yesterday has been resolved. The Fluffer‘s services were not required, and everybody’s back in the closet, where they belong. I offered some new cedar blocks, and they accepted the deal, and everyone’s happy.

I got an e-mail yesterday that my local yarn shop is closing June 1st. Now, it’s not one of my favorite shops–they seem to have been rude and unhelpful about eight out of each ten times I was there–but they do have Rowan yarn, which I often like, and some other nice ones, although, there’s always been such a leaning toward novelty yarns, which I almost never use. And once they stopped carrying Debbie Bliss, I really haven’t found much worth going back for. But, since they’re closing, they will be having sales . . . I’d say that maybe a visit is in order, huh? You know, to say good-bye (good-buy?), for old times’ sake?

7 Thoughts on “You Say You Want a Resolution…Well, You know.

  1. teehee…humming to your title of this post…
    gad that shawl yarn is Absolutely GORGEOUS!

  2. Sadly, I could completely see myself mistakenly thinking an item was junk mail. Is there any chance that Chappy is hiding it? :-)

  3. That’s too bad about the Secret Pal package. I signed up for The Knitting Basket’s email list every other time I went to that store when I was still shopping there…and I never got a single email from them. I honestly think they know how much I don’t like them, and that they saw my little review, and they have a picture of me taped behind the counter or something. They were the most local store carrying Debbie Bliss and Koigu, but they had to let those two go. A going out of business sale is more than enough to get me to shop there!

  4. So sorry to hear about your difficulties with woodland woolworks – I’ve ordered from them several times and not had a problem ever. And I do remember that I think I was the one who poited you in their direction. Hope things get resolved to your satisfaction. The brooks farm shawl looks lovely. The colors are stricking and I think so well suited to a simple design. I bet you can’t wait to wear it! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  5. Oh Deb, I’m so sorry. I hope that is not the case. Are you super dilligent about the re-cycle bin? Could it possibly still be in there?

    Your shawl is gorgeous. The edging you chose really sets the shawl off in a perfect way. And I must confess, I never would have used those 2 colors together, but they look beautiful together! You’ve opened my eyes to new combinations.

  6. your shawl is beautiful!

  7. Oy. Sorry about the package. That would be sad indeed. Just another reason to outlaw junk mail!

    Also sorry about the Woodland Woolworks situation… and for pointing you in their direction. I do so hope they clear that up correctly.

    The shawl is beautiful! I love the border :)

    I hate those snarfy, unhelpful stores. Sales might be worth the trip though.

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