dscn1528  Today, we celebrated Chappy’s birthday. My sister and her family were here for dinner (turkey, brown rice, corn on the cob–all very tasty, but we could have used a food with a little more color for appearance’s sake). And of course, there was birthday cake. I made a sponge cake and served it with berries, chocolate syrup (for those who wanted it), and whipped cream . . . a general dessert that I’ve been doing a lot lately. I love those fresh strawberries!

dscn1530  Here’s Chappy waiting for the go-ahead to eat his cake. (And yes, I deliberately framed it to cut off the top of his head. Really. Why would you even ask such a question?) I love the anxious look on his face, “When is she going to say ‘okay?’ I can’t wait much longer!” The burning red eyes just kind of cap it off.

He had a great day. He got a new toy–a triangular, flying disk type toy that he played with in the kitchen for a while. He would brace his two front feet on it, and then push to send it flying back through his hind legs, whereupon he’d spin, pounce on it again, and do the whole thing all over again. Very cute. I wish I could post video, because I recorded a few seconds of it on my camera. It was really very entertaining. He also spent time in the backyard, playing fetch with Tyler (he loves that Flying Squirrel toy), and they brought him a gallon-sized milk jug. Empty milk cartons are one of his favorite toys–they’re so light and skittery that they’re hard to catch, but have handles and can be picked up once he finally does catch it . . . he loves them and has an ongoing cycle of them as we go through our milk supply. But we drink the two-quart size, not the gallons, so one of the extra large jugs is a rare treat.

dscn1536  He spent most of the afternoon panting and wagging his tail. His whole family was here. The weather was lovely (about 90, but no humidity, and with a breeze). New toys. Good food. Lots of playing. Basically a perfect day for a dog. You know, the one who’s flat on floor on the other side of the room right now, exhausted with the exhaustion of the happy puppy. Life is good.

(Well, it is here, outside the line of Hurricane Denis. I’m thinking of all of you in its path. Stay safe.)

10 Thoughts on “Happy Chappy

  1. Happy Birthday Chappy… many you have many more chew toy filled years!

  2. Happy Chappy day friend……

  3. Happy Birthday Chappy! sounds like a wonderful party.

  4. That is one lucky, loved doggy! Happy Birthday Chappy!

  5. Happy Birthday dear Chappy, and to YOU, Chappy’s MOM.
    Aren’t we BLESSED to have such fabulous animal companions in our lives?

  6. Could Chappy possibly be any cuter? Such a sweet baby he is. Happy Birthday CHappy and many happy returns for you and mom! :) Max say Hi… ;)

  7. Happy Birthday Chappy!!

  8. Marley and Piper say Happy Happy Birthday Chappy! Marley’s Birthday is this month too!

    I can’t belive how much you’ve had going on and I’ve been missing it all. The T and the FBS look great!!!! At least I’m all caught up now!

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