IMG_20050914_0420 copy You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve heard the stories, and now, finally, we here at Chappysmom are proud to bring you Tannenbaum.

Yes, you heard me. At last, the Tannenbaum, Christmas Tree Hat pattern is available.

It all began when a girl saw a polar fleece hat on a tv show and was smitten, and wanted to make herself one. To knit one. But there was no pattern for such a hat anywhere. Pale imitations, yes, but not the fun, shapely hat she wanted.

IMG_20050920_0524 copyAnd so she made her own. First, one in a solid color yarn with subtle beads for the ornaments–a mature, yet playful hat. Then one in variegated yarn, with bigger, multi-colored beads in different shapes.

And then, because she acknowledged that there are many people who don’t celebrate Christmas but that might like the hat anyway, she made one all in white, with tiny green “trees,” to make a snow-covered mountain, perfect for a tiny little skier. She made, in short, a forest. And now, so can you.

Knitted on circular needles, this hat uses a twisted-rib for the brim, for some character. Short-rows shape the branches, with beads for the “ornaments,” as the hat is shaped upward toward the point. Then it’s topped it off with a coordinating star. Playful, without being too cute. A fun little evergreen to wear for the winter.


  • Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn [80% superwash wool, 20% nylon; 215 yd per 2 oz skein]; color: Pine; 1 skein

  • 1 set US #1 (2.5mm) double-point needles

  • 16 inch US #1 (2.5mm) circular needles (Or, longer, circular needles in US #1/2.5 mm, if you prefer another method for knitting small circumferences)

  • 56 beads of your choice

  • Small, steel crochet hook, small enough to fit through the hole of the bead

  • A few yards of spare yarn for the star

Tannenbaum.IMG_20050920_0543It’s not just a hat, it’s the start of your very own forest.All for the modest price of $5.00 for the pattern.Plus free membership in the Tannenbaum Knit-Along, if so desired*Please click here to buy

or you can buy the pattern on Ravelry, just click here

Thanks, everyone!

25 Thoughts on “Tannenbaum

  1. Can’t seem to get the button to work. Email if you need help – I have setup a lot of paypal buttons.

  2. Good for you! That’ll show knitty. “religious patterns” indeed. Christmas is a Capitalist holiday!

  3. That is a cute hat and very clever pattern!

  4. The button is fixed–thanks, Susan!

  5. Oh YES! I’m totally making the one with a zillion ornaments!

  6. Hi,
    What if I don’t know how to knit and I just want the hat? Not that I’d ever wear it (it never gets very cold in SE Texas) but the hat is adorable!

  7. I’m not the same Norma that posted @ 9:45 so I’ll call myself Norma2!

  8. suzanne on November 12, 2005 at 4:57 am said:

    I posted a link to this in the LiveJournal knitting community so 4000 of my closest friends can read about this pattern.
    (I hope to Jeebus that the post isn’t deleted for being a “commercial venture” or something. We’ll see.)

  9. Holy cow! How awesome!! I want it want it want it! A christmas tree hat! Fantastic. The one with all the beads is incredible.

  10. I can’t get it to work paypal either. But I love your pattern!

  11. Cute cute cute cute!!!

  12. One more question – do you have any suggestions for where to get the beads/ornaments? (Perhaps I am desperate for excuse to go yarn shopping, no?)

  13. Secret Pal! on November 12, 2005 at 11:43 am said:

    I had seen the sneak peeks, but the white one is BEAUTIFUL! Good work, lady, I’m always totally impressed by your mad knitting skills!

  14. I actually ordered my beads online from Fire Mountain Gems.

    I’d stick to the 6mm to 8mm range for size–anything larger than that would be hard to fit on the stitch–and for the larger sizes, I’d stay away from anything too heavy that would weight down the hat too much (grin).

    And–if you’re wondering how long this should take? Each hat took me about one week, and that’s about an hour’s knitting a night. Not too bad–I’m not the speediest knitter in the world. The longest row is the first “branch”.


  15. If I were a hat person I’d buy it in a second!

  16. Wow. Just wow.


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  21. ok, i am going to have to get this today/tomorrow (when hubby does not see me writing inthe checkbook, lol) My mom is a rural route mail carrier and this would be a perfect change for her from the usual santa hat!

    Tanya’s last blog post..YES!!! It’s already wednesday evening.

  22. Perfect. Want it, need it, bought it. I even have yarn for it. And probably beads, too. Perfect.

    Lorette’s last blog post..Project Roundup, Part 2

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