img_1419 Except for, um, a little sewing, I’ve got my sweater done. Well, off the needles and with all the ends woven in. I just have to, you know, piece it together.

Still, pretty exciting, huh?

Tomorrow, Risa and I are going to Majestic Yarns in Ridgewood, where I hope to find yarn for my Olympics sweater. Now, I posted a picture yesterday of an Icelandic sweater, as an example of the style, but it’s not the actual sweater I’m going to make, though.

In fact, while I’m planning on doing a yoke-styled sweater, I was thinking of designing it myself. Well, in so far as a basic proportioned sweater needs to be designed. I want to do some color work at the top, but not a lot, not too busy. And besides, I want to knit it from the top down, just because I haven’t done that before. I pulled out my copy of Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker, and The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd and will work out the proportions I need, figure out what I might want by way of color patterning, and there I’ll go. I just need, um, some yarn. Gosh, wherever might I find some of that?

Now, speaking of the Knitting Olympics . . . I was on the MSNBC website this morning, and on the “Clicked” page (one of my favorite places to go to find interesting spots) . . . a blurb about Stephanie’s knitalong. It said, and I quote, “The idea is to challenge yourself to complete a proejct in the course of the 16
days the winter Olympics are taking place. Everyone who finishes wins gold.
Check out the list of participating knitting bloggers to understand why this
qualifies as a significant online event.
” How nifty is that??

img_1412 Meanwhile, it today’s mail–a copy of the Celtic Dream Aran pattern. It’s not my Olympic pattern, mind you, and I don’t even know quite when I’ll start it, but Annie‘s looks so great, and Cassie‘s is looking so enticing . . . It’s best to be prepared, right? (And, what a difference seeing a sweater that actually FITS looks like, because frankly, the one on the model on the pattern looks like a beautifully-knitted sack.) I got a color card for Black Water Abbey yarn, too. The colors looked so nice on their website, but the samples in person? Even better! The colors I’m liking best? Bracken. Autumn. Quartz. Bluestack. (Yes, I know, that last one surprised me, too.)

The next project, though? Well, to fill in the time between now and the beginning of the Olympics, I’ll be working on my Lotus Blossom Shawl. The color is Bronze, and I’ll be casting on tomorrow with Risa. It’s the one-year anniversary of the EZasPi knit-along. Yep, a year ago this weekend, I was casting on for my Pi-are-Square shawl. A bunch of people were having a cast-on party and I was feeling left out, so I went to the local coffee shop, which was having a Grand Opening that day, and met my friend Cindy. I figured it was a nicer, more festive way to cast-on than just sitting quietly in my living room all by myself. Oh, the fun part? We had a blizzard that day. While I’m not actually knitting a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman or Meg Swansen this time, for the “Anniversary” shawl, I’m looking forward to sitting in another coffee shop this year, with another friend, to start this one. Gotta get a little commu(k)nitty, huh?

Hey, you did see the article in the New York Times yesterday about Spinning, didn’t you?

6 Thoughts on “Some Assembly Required

  1. I can imagine the sweater finished – so close!

    Wow, on MSNBC’s page? I was at the Knitting Olympics page earlier, and there were 864 knitters listed. Yowza.

    Pre-Congrats on casting on your Lotus Blossom tomorrow! Very cool.

  2. Hope you have fun at the yarn store! Can’t wait to see what you find.
    And I have eyed those Blackwater Abbey yarns before (online)–I would love to see them in person.

  3. I’m not sure where I was — maybe Stitches Midwest? But a few years ago I saw the Black Water Abbey folks somewhere and their yarns and a bunch of sweaters knit with the yarns and I remember the sweaters being absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful! It’s been just a little while since I checked your blog – you’ve been busy. i love that Karabella cardi. I cast on for it while on our cruise over New Years – In Red. but since we got back it’s taken a back seat to things I had to finish. January is finishing month for me.
    I also love the Celtic Dreams, and you’re right, they always look better when they are not so oversize that they look like beautifully made sacks of potatoes.
    Can’t wait to see your Olympic sweater.
    PS: did you get the buttons?

  5. Hey, thanks for the mention! I was interested in the bluestack as well. I think it would make a beautiful sweater. Good luck choosing. :)

  6. I made a Weekend Sweater (Meg Swansen Wool Gathering within the last 5 years) out of Bluestack–I love it! Blackwater Abbey yarn is great–I’ve made 3 sweaters to date using it.

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