blacklagoon Well, I blame Kathi aka Grumperina. She finally revealed the name of her Secret Dyer–Sundara. The one who dyed that beautiful yarn for her grandmother’s shawl. And for the red shawl Eunny just finished.

So, look what that made me do. I just bought two skeins of sock yarn in this gorgeous colorway, Black Lagoon. It should be here within the week!

Meanwhile, I just started a pair of socks in the yarn I got from Dani’s Sunshine Yarns. It’s the “Slytherin” colorway–greens and whites. (Much nicer color than the House, of course.) I’ve just got the two sock toes done at this point–not a single row more–so, really, it’s not even worth showing you a photo (yet).

My Lotus Blossom Shawl? I’m on row 160–that means I’ve got, what, 8 more rows? That’s about 2600 more stitches, not counting the bind off. I got four rows done tonight, so in theory, that’s two more nights’ worth of knitting.

And the Not-So Shrunken cardigan? I did, in fact, start it and got all of four rows done. (It’s apparently the magic number tonight.) Clearly, that means there’s not much to look at there, either.

See? Isn’t it lucky Kathi revealed her secret dyer and that I bought that yarn tonight? Or I would have had nothing to show you at all . . . Phew!

11 Thoughts on “Socking it to me

  1. Bless her. It’s a lovely colorway!!

  2. Heh. Excellent taste! I ordered the same colorway!

  3. You’ve really been on a sock kick lately! Can’t wait to see the Slytherin colors – just in time for the GoF DVD release.

  4. That’s a beautiful colorway!

    I can’t remember – did you say at one point that you read “Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife”? I saw the book at Target tonight (in Pittsfield, MA – it opened TODAY!!) and if I had had my debit card with me it would be mine. Have you heard of it? Read it? If you have already talked about it and I’m blanking let me apologize now for being such a horrible blog reader :o)

  5. yes i have been obsessing over purly’s yarn too! gorgeous colours aren’t they!

  6. I perused those yarns, too. I managed to resist temptation but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I succumb.

  7. Can’t see…got my blindfold on….one month to go!

  8. I bought the cherry colorway! Isn’t it beautiful??

  9. Beautiful yarn! Darn links… mustn’t follow.. mustn’t follow. Why do I feel a little like the Cookiemonster right about now?

  10. That is a gorgeous colorway!!!! Yum!

  11. I saw that gorgeous yarn, and started reading the post. Sock yarn? Ooooooh. Oh, my. After reading that, and seeing the link to the dyer, I have to admit to my attention wandering enough that I have no earthly idea what the rest of your post says. I just keep looking at that gorgeous black lagoon sock yarn. Oh, my.

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