Vacation Avec Sunshine

img_1155  We actually had this weird stuff today–the sky was this bizarre shade of blue, instead of the normal gray color, and it was all bright and squinty . . . very strange. But there are these handy things called “sunglasses” which help cut down on the glare. . . . Wow, people come up with the most creative things!

Okay, seriously. Today’s weather was beautiful. Mid-sixties and sunny all the livelong day. We went up to see the cliffs at Aquinnah (formerly known as Gay Head). This was the first time Chappy’s actually been there. We did drive up on his first trip to the island, but it was raining so hard when we arrived, we never got out of the car. So, this was exciting.

img_1143  My sock thought so, too, though it was rather windy. It was just as glad to be attached to the skein of yarn in my purse. I think, in fact, that the view of the cliffs is the windiest part of the island. I don’t think I’ve EVER been there and had the air be still. The colors weren’t quite so vibrant as usual, and the water not quite so clear since all the recent rain had churned up so much clay in the water, but still. It’s always a good view.

Anyway–sunshine. Lots of it. We drove Up-Island, where I haven’t been in years. (Though, unfortunately, Allen’s Sheep and Wool Farm was closed.) We had lunch up at the cliffs–where a tourist actually recognized Chappy as a Boykin Spaniel.

img_1172_1 On the drive back, we stopped at the Field Gallery to admire these fabulous sculptures. They’re huge and playful, and it’s one of those places we’ve always meant to visit, but never gotten around to actually stopping the car. Mom and I took a whirlwind tour of about 10 minutes, with Chappy still in the car, and us snapping pictures like mad.

We got an afternoon snack from the Black Dog Bakery and then went to Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs and just sat in the parked car with the windows open, enjoying the breeze, and reading or chatting. Chappy napped. He’s particularly tired because (1) he has had practically nothing to eat all day, since he snubbed his breakfast yet again. (Though I gave him a Black Dog biscuit while Mom and I were eating our breakfast this morning–they’re really pretty huge and so reasonably filling, if not exactly nutritionally complete. But then, I had a cinnamon croissant, so I don’t know that my breakfast exactly met all my FDA standards, either.) Also, (2) Chappy met not one but two playful puppies today, with whom he was happy to romp, but who wore him out. And finally, (3), he missed out on a lot of his regular naptime . . . I think Chappy’s going to be almost glad when I go back to work after this vacation, and he can get some uninterrupted nap time again! (Well, no, maybe not.)

img_1148img_1140 img_1170img_1174img_1165 And, again, here are some bonus pictures!

7 Responses to “Vacation Avec Sunshine”

  1. Aw! A sunshiney day! great pictures; I’ve been enjoying your vacation pictures (especially the one of you in the gorgeous cardi with Chappy and the one of your mom, too funny!). :)

    Keep enjoying the vacation!

  2. i’m living vicariously through you, cuz god knows when i’m going to get a real vacation again (the honeymoon has been postponed until NEXT summer, sigh). are ALL the houses in MV like that? those are cute!

  3. Yay for some good vacation weather! I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard, but I lurrrve living vicariously through your pics! Love the sculptures, too.

  4. I love seeing pictures on blogs of places I’ve been! Today is gorgeous, too, hope you enjoy it.

  5. Ah, Aquinnah/Gay Head is lovely isn’t it? It was one of my favorite places to snap pictures. Infact, one of my photos of the cliffs is my wall paper on my moniter! I kind of like the fact that it is windy all the time. It just seems right somehow. :)

  6. Glad you got some sunshine. The Field Gallery looks very cool.

  7. Those sculptures are wonderful! ANd the ocean views? Stunning! Chappy looks as if he is having a BLAST! :)
    It looks like your sock is enjoying the wind blowing through it’s heel!

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