img_1824_1 This was ALL the yarn I had left in my skein.

Just barely enough to thread onto a needle to weave the ends in.

Granted, I have another, untouched skein (one in each color, in fact), but you understand . . . it’s the principle of the thing. Having to blend a new skein of yarn solely for the purposes of binding off the sleeve? That’s just wrong. Wrongwrongwrong. On so many levels.

But, you realize what this means, right?

img_3368 Yep. My sweater is done.

You’ll have to forgive the mediocre picture, but this way you can see the nifty diamond shape the sleeves make when worn. They have a strange little “pouch” to them when lying flat . . . which, I admit, I would have avoided if I had known ahead of time. But I consider the downward diagonal to be a serendipitous occurence. I like the sleeves.

The colors look pretty accurate, too–the green looks green and not yellow, so that’s a plus.

img_3375 I like the way this came out. I like the stripes (Shelley’s idea, originally), and I like that I staggered them in different thicknesses instead of doing regular stripes. I like the 5×2 rib that I opted to do the body in–it adds a little heft to the fabric, without making it too clingy. It was also interesting enough to knit that it didn’t feel as endless as stockinette stitch sometimes does. I shaped the shoulders and the sleeves with shortrows . . . I suppose I could have used a little more shaping at the shoulder, but, then, they mostly look odd in this picture because of the ribbing on the sleeves.

The reason the sleeves look so strange in when it’s unworn is that I knitted them in 2×2 ribbing, mostly because when I picked up all the stitches around the armhole, it wasn’t divisible by 7. It’s a tghter rib than 5×2, so the sleeves “gather in” more than the fabric of the body does, although worn, they fit and “match” just fine.

The specs again, such as they are: knitted in Karabella Aurora8/Aurora Melange yarn, in my very own design.

img_3377 It’s been a lovely family day, here. Lots of silliness and laughter–and playing. Chappy’s toys were very popular (as was he). Even my sister got in on the game–a goal-scoring game where she tried to get the soft frisbee past my nephew into the dining room, and he tried to get it past her into the living room. Chappy mostly stayed on the outskirts of the game, but every now and again, he would jump in to grab the toy (it is HIS, after all). At one point, he saved the toy and pranced around with it in his mouth, head held high, tail going a mile a minute, just clearly so darn pleased with himself.

Really, they were all very entertaining.

img_1832 The food was good, too. Mom broiled some chicken which came out nice and juicy and very tasty. I made potato salad, which is always a hit with my family. (Personally, I only like potato salad when it’s freshly made, and really only like my own, and once or twice a year is plenty. But even mine, once it’s passed 24 hours or so . . . blech.) I also made two desserts–an end-of-summer one and a beginning-of-fall one.

The summer dessert (illustrated here) is a frozen lemon pie. Now, the inspiration for this came from my 1999 trip to London, when my friend and I ate at one specific pub and had a dessert that tasted like–and had the texture of–a frozen lemon meringue pie. Delicious. (In fact, we made a point of eating at that pub twice, just so we could get the pie again.) I’ve wanted to recreatre it ever since, but had no idea how to get that meringue-like texture in an ice cream. But then, the cookbook I got last month had a recipe for lemon-curd ice cream AND one for a caramel semifreddo which got its texture from beaten eggs, rather than air churned into the mixture as it freezes. Hmmm . . . . So, I made a crust out of crushed ginger snaps, made the lemon curd ice cream, and then made the semifreddo with a couple of adjustments. (No caramel, and instead of using two eggs used the 4 egg whites left over from the lemon curd.) The result? Almost perfect. I poured the lemon curd ice cream base directly into the pie shell instead of churning it in the ice cream maker first, and so it ended up with big ice crystals–not as creamy as it should have been, but still . . . the flavor was great, the idea worked, and so far as my memory serves, it’s darn close to the original. (Granted, it’s 7 years since I tasted the original, but . . . maybe that’s not a bad thing, huh?)

Oh, and the other dessert was an applesauce cake–the recipe from the Joy of Cooking, and which has been a family favorite for about twenty years now. And which remains about the ONLY way I like raisins at all.

img_1829  Lastly, take a look at the picture they gave my mother. The drawing was done by my niece–that’s her in the front, and Ocean Park on Martha’s Vineyard in the background. The frame was assembled as kind of a family project. Isn’t it wonderful? I can knit and all just fine, but I cannot draw a jot . . . gotta admire this kind of talent . . .

Okay . . . very tired now. It’s been a full day (grin). And, oh, you should see poor Chappy . . . he’s doing his rug imitation–as flat out on the floor as a dog possibly can be. Happy, but exhausted!

16 Thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. I love your sweater! It looks great!

  2. New sweater AND pie? Gosh, I love coming to your blog!

  3. Great sweater! Yummy looking pie. Looks like quite an enjoyable holiday weekend. Enjoy the rest of it!!

  4. Love the sweater. It looks great and I like the sleeve, too. The pie looks and sounds wonderful. Actually, so does the cake. I guess I’m suffering from dessert-envy. I like the pic done by your niece is very good. Pastels or pencil? And, it looks like lil Chappy had a great day, too.

  5. So happy that you finished the sweater and you’re pleased with it. And your desserts (and the rest of the day) sound great, too.

  6. I love the sweater. It looks so comfy. And I am quite impressed with the ice cream pie. My mouth is watering:)

  7. Your sweater is wonderful! Wow, that is a v-e-r-y close finish. I can just see Chappy with his toy, almost like “I’ll show them how it’s done!” The picture is amazing. Take care.

  8. Nice design on the sweater–very flattering. What a fun and yummy day for all! Feel free to share the frozen pie recipe. ;)

  9. Gingersnap crust and lemon – what a wonderful combination,

  10. That sweater looks awesome!


  11. The sweater looks great and I do love the sleeves — very chic!

  12. That is a great sweater! It fits you very nicely. Great knitting!

  13. i am the same way with potato salad. i eat it maybe 3 times a year and only immediatley after it is made. Mostly because it’s tepid and room temp and so good when it is freshly made. once it sits and gets cold it’s just ick.

    my mom makes it every easter, we also have easter at their house. So she makes it the day before and always would get mad because a giant chunk was missing from the bowl when she’d take it from the fridge. She nows puts some in a bowl and calls me when it’s made before easter!

    hi chappy!

  14. The top looks great! I like the sleeve detail.

  15. The sweater turned out great! Nice job on ekeing out the last bit o’ yarn from that skein, too.

  16. Your sweater looks great, gf! :-)

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