img_3668 Here are today’s new arrivals.

(Not that I get new things in the mail every day, of course, but I did today.)

A copy–most likely my last, unless they grace an extra issue or so at the end of a subscription–of Knitter’s magazine. It’s better than some issues have been, but, um, still . . . this is not a magazine I plan on renewing. At all.

But also, and much more exciting . . . or, well, maybe not so much exciting as looked-forward-to . . . my new Woolee Winder bobbin for my Lendrum. It came with two when I got it for my birthday last November, and then I went months and months with really very little spinning. Then I came back from Liz’s and it didn’t want to work properly. And now that it’s working properly again AND I’m doing a regular amount of spinning, well, two clearly were not enough. Ideally, I’d want four, but I can make due with three. Certainly easier than I could with just two!

Now, today was another dentist trip–one crown permanently cemented in, but one more visit for the other one (sigh). Chappy keeps sniffing at my “dentist breath” . . . Mom’s, too, since she went to the periodontist today. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we had nice, soft pasta for supper tonight (grin).

Thanks for the compliments on my sock. I’m really pleased with the way it’s knitting up, nice and thick and warm. The only “problem?” I keep looking at it and thinking “Gosh, this would make a nice mitten.” But the thing is, I don’t wear mittens. Practically ever. I like to have my fingers available for fiddling with keys, dangling things from my fingers on the way to the car. Mittens just get in my way. And yet . . . they sure would look pretty … and, it’s not like I’ve gotten to the heel (aka the point of no return) yet….

Oh, you all know that Sharon Shinn is one of my very favorite authors, right? Well, if you’ve read any of her books, there’s an excellent 8-page interview with her over here. (Thanks, Kelly, for letting me know.) Really, I just love her books.

14 Thoughts on “New Arrivals

  1. Your birthday is in November? Mine too. I don’t remember if we’ve discussed that one . . .What day?

  2. That sure is the thing about spinning – needing lots of bobbins. Before I buy my next wheel, you can be sure I’ll be looking at the price of bobbins first. ;)

  3. Funny thing about “Knitters” was my favorite mag when I first got back into knitting around the turn of the century, hee, hee. Not so much now. As for bobbins…with TWO WooLee Winders, I have at least a dozen. Ouch.

  4. When I heard that they were interviewing Shinn I thought it would be really short, I was not expecting 8 pages! They asked her some awesome questions, too! Now to get reading on her books…

  5. yeah, well, i’ll have dentist breath on monday (my one month anniversary!). apparently they found a small cavity at the cleaning before the wedding, and i totally spaced off the appointment, so i had to make a new one. no lunch for me, monday :(

  6. I saw that issue of Knitter’s this weekend and there were only about 2 things in there I’d even consider. Usually the fall/winter magazines are so exciting – it’s really disappointing.

  7. I bought a subscription knitters back when I first learned to knit. I’m pretty sure I got a long term subscription since they keep sending me magazines. I’m underwhelmed with Knitters. Have been for years. Interweave Knits is where my heart lies. That and Spin Off are wonderful publications. :)

  8. Just wanted to tell you that your tip in the Yarn Harlot’s comments on untwisting an unintended moebius? was genius! I’ll definitely be using that one.

    BTW Your site’s on my lurker list and love your Chappy – keep up the good work!

  9. I haven’t been impressed with Knitter’s for a long, long time. Kind of disappointing…

  10. Oh, and glad to hear you are one step closer to being done with the dentist ;o)

    I had to go yesterday to get a crown re-cemented (it came out Friday while eating pizza – PIZZA!) and my jaw is pretty sore today from the novocaine :o(

  11. Maybe you can use some of your other handspun for gloves??

    Have fun with your new bobbin!

  12. I’ve long since given up on that magazine, along with a couple of others that once were religiously purchased. IK is just about it, unless Vogue is showing something spectacular.

    Good idea on the WW bobbin. I usually buy a minimum of 3 bobbins as I almost always do a 2ply yarn and don’t like fiddling with winding stuff off. No surprise there, eh? :) Enjoy!

  13. Gracie on October 11, 2006 at 5:36 pm said:

    I haven’t picked up Knitters in awhile either. Really the only one I ever pick up is IK, and occaisionally VK.

    I hope the dentist was gentle!

  14. Hee hee – every time I get an issue of Knitters, I check to see when my subscription runs out and then curse that it isn’t my last issue!! They’ve really run aground. The batwing poncho… eeep!

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