img_3852 I got this lovely book in the mail today. (The whole pre-order feature on Amazon is a great one, you know?) Nicky Epstein’s newest, “Knitting Beyond the Edge.”

I have to say, I like this even more than her other two (Knitting On and Over the Edge). It’s got collars and cuffs and button bands . . . Nice. There’s a pattern in there for a hooded shawl that I think is just gorgeous, too.

In knitting, I’ve started shaping for armholes on the back of my cabled sweater. I’m also thinking about some other small Christmas items. Like, I made my nephew a Tychus last year and still have some leftover Cascade. I was thinking about making him one of those circular scarves . . . you know, the kind you pull on over your head and then it just sits in the right place, keeping your neck warm?

On the request of a couple of my co-workers, I brought my new wheel into work today. The looks on people’s faces when they saw it were pretty funny.

010malnsb You know as well as I do that when you say “Spinning Wheel,” people think of this:

So the reaction when I brought my cute little Gem was general, “Wow, really?”

And, I have to say, my Gem looked very cute sitting in the backseat of my car, wearing its seatbelt!

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  1. Hi –
    I haven’t been reading your blog all that long and am not sure where in NJ you are. I’m originally from Passaic and my oldest pal is in Clifton. She’s been knitting for the last two years. Could you recommend some knitting stores up that way so that I can steer her away from Lion Brand? I don’t want to offend anyone, and if you like the stuff, that’s fine. But I’d like her to branch out into some Lorna’s Laces or Colinette or Debbie Bliss…you get the picture. Unfortunately, I haven’t lived up there in quite a while. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. You know you’re a dedicated fibre type person when you are bringing your equipment in to show it off! Too funny! I wish I was a fly on the wall when you brought that one in.

  3. Seat belted in… too funny. We’ve had bears and baby dolls seat belted in but seeing a spinning wheel like that would have been a first.

  4. I’m getting ready to do Hello Yarn Adrian’s simple neck gaiter (just big cables) in handspun. (I have to dye and spin the fiber first….) But that might be too big and too girly for your nephew.

  5. my wheel is too big to put in a seat belt, lol

    when ihad the van with bench seats in the back, it fit perfectly between the middle bench & the door. however, now, it goes in the back. i think i will have to make a strap for it to attach to the back seat, though, because it rocked around a bit hte last time i took it somehwere. and if you like hte new nicky epstein book, i’ll go put it on my amazon wishlist, lol. i trust your taste in books

  6. Of course you belted your “baby” in. I would too. I knit a simple neck scarf that buttons from Knitter’s Review. This was last year, but I’m thinking that might be too feminine for your nephew. I like Jessie’s idea. A neck gaiter.

  7. Thanks for the insight on Nicky’s new book. I’d love to get a couple of her books. When one is well cared for, one gets belted in! ;) [Chappy}

  8. I wonder what the title of Nicky’s next book will be. “Knitting still further from the edge”? “Knitting so far from the edge you can’t even see it anymore”?? I can’t wait to see where they go with this.

  9. Lol! Yeah, I guess the Gem isn’t your typical parlor wheel looking type of thing. Did you show them how it worked? I’m sure you did ;)

    (Oh, and I’m reading a good book. You may have already read it, but — Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen — very good stuff!)

  10. Yeah – it’s funny how non-spinners always look at a wheel and want to know where the pointy part is where you get poked. heh

    The new NE book looks awesome!

  11. People are surprised even by my Lendrum, so I can only imagine the reactions to the Gem. It’s nice that the people you work with are interested in your crafts.

  12. I’m glad you did a show and tell for work. It’s amazing how modern people have no knowledge of the crafts that were so common 2-3 generations ago.

  13. I was wondering how the book was. Thank you for the review!

    That must have been fun to see your coworkers’ faces when you introduced them to the gem. :)

  14. Hey – I pre-ordered that one and it’s not here yet. Not even scheduled to be here until Nov. 30. hmmmp… must be a good one (like you said) that’s why it’s so popular. If it’s anything like the last two, it’ll be worth the wait for me.

    I know what you mean about spinning wheels. I’m constantly giving people little lessons (probably against their will) about the difference between Saxony and castle styles. (lol)

  15. Hee hee – that’s TOTALLY the right image that people have.

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