9 Thoughts on “The Original

  1. So pretty. Sigh.

  2. I want to be THERE mom!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, another place I need to put on my “want to visit” list.

  4. I’m with Carole, I want to be there! We’re getting our third snow in as many weeks *sigh* I’m done!

  5. Smith and I rode bikes around Chappaquiddick in 1992. The Japanese Gardens had been badly damaged in the “Perfect Storm” the year before (not sure if that is the exact time line but…). MV and Chappy are such beautiful places. I long to go back. Thanks for the memories.

  6. It’s such a lovely place.

  7. Lovely. I loved those Japanese Gardens.

  8. One of my most favorite places! Lovely photos!

  9. Lovely. Is it summer yet?

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