I’ve mentioned several times about how my Grandmother lost her diamond ring on the beach on Martha’s Vineyard, and my Grandfather reached down into the sand and miraculously pulled it up. It’s such a great family story, and one of my favorites, not least because it highlights my Grandpa and because I love the ring itself so much. (And began the legend that my Grandfather is excellent at finding jewelry.)

I thought I’d show it to you, because it’s thirty-one years ago today that my Grandmother (Mom’s Mom) died suddenly. I was only nine and I so don’t have as many memories of her as I’d like, but still. Every time I wear her ring, I think of her. I love it as a piece of jewelry because I think it’s stunning. It’s classic, with that “antique” look, but without being overdone or too busy. And yet, it’s not boring and plain, either. It’s just a gorgeous ring–one which I know I’d be happy to wear every single day, without getting tired of it. (As I’m sure my grandmother did not.)

But I also love the narrowing of the band from the years on her finger, and how the engraved tracing of pattern on the side of the band is almost completely rubbed away. It’s very definitely her ring, and the only real memento I have of her.

Well, that, and my Mom.

From what she tells me, she and I have pretty much the same best-friend kind of relationship that she had with her Mom . . . and the same occasional outburst of “sillies” accompanied by fits of giggles.

Really, I think Grandma and I would have gotten on just wonderfully. And somehow, I think she’d be pleased that I keep both her ring and her daughter so carefully in my heart.

Just a few more pictures, because this was fun….




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17 Thoughts on “Diamond

  1. It’s a great story and a beautiful ring. Thanks for showing the photos.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story of the ring. What a fabulous keepsake.

  3. I am so touched.

  4. Keepsakes with stories attached to them are the best kind!

  5. What nice thoughts about your grandma. That ring is stunning!!

  6. That is a beautiful ring, and story too

  7. what a wonderful story and great photos!

  8. Beautiful ring, beautiful story, beautiful relationship! One of the (few) things that I hate about living in Georgia is being separated from my mom and grandmothers. It’s so great to hear about your antics with your mom. Thanks for sharing!

  9. For my high school graduation, my grandmother gave me a ring that my grandfather gave her. She couldn’t wear it any more because of her arthritis, or I wouldn’t have gotten it yet (that’s what she told me!). At the time I couldn’t wear it either, because my fingers were too small, but I’m 25 pounds heavier now, and it fits very nicely. For many years, I carried it with me in my jewelry box, keeping it safe and admiring it, and then when she became seriously ill about 3 1/2 years ago, I put it on to feel closer to her, and it fit! We lost her 3 years ago this month, and I wear her ring almost every day. It also has worn very thin on the side, from years and years on her finger.

    Your grandmother’s ring is beautiful, as I’m sure she was.

  10. What a wonderful heirloom! :-) And the story behind it is amazing. What were the odds of him spotting the lost ring amid all that sand? ;-)

  11. Beautiful post – and beautiful ring. Thank you for sharing both of them :o)

  12. pretty ring and i love that story!

  13. What a beautiful momento, and I love the idea of your grandmother thinking the ring was gone, and your grampa just picking it out of nowhere…

  14. It’s a beautiful ring. And even more beautiful memories.

  15. That’s a great ring! And a wonderful story with it…glad you enjoy it. My MIL gave me her mother’s engagement ring, but from the man she didn’t marry! So it is a 1915 or so ring with little wear. I wore it quite a bit at first, until one of the diamonds (there are 2 small ones) fell out! NEVER to be found! I had a great local jeweler find an old one in the same cut to replace it. So now I haven’t worn it much… I never knew the woman, but from dh know she would ‘read the cards’ (tarot!) and came from Poland/Germany maybe 15 years before Hitler started all his horrible business.

  16. What a wonderful story – and such a lovely ring!

  17. Wow. It’s amazing how much more powerful rings are when they are passed form generation to generation.

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