Well, I thought I’d be able to change my drivewheel today. Because see what I got today? A cd (with a handsome Ram on the cover), and a 13mm wrench.


But, well, there’s a problem . . . The wrench is too wide to fit into the available space. It might be the right size for the nut, but it can’t get in there!


So now, I need to return this wrench, first of all, to the company I got it from. And, interestingly, of all the details I saw listed about the wrench–the size of the openings, the length, the weight, the quality of the metal that makes up the wrench–nowhere did it say the width of the head. Or the height of it. Whatever dimension that is. And, how frustrating is that?

Now I’m worried I won’t be able to find a wrench that will WORK! I mean, it’s not like this one is unnaturally thick in the head. It’s really quite sleek. But I can’t really imagine that they come much narrower than that . . . I guess I really WILL have to trudge to a hardware store in person to try to find one….

So close, and yet so far!

And–on a completely different subject–how is it possible that “To Kill a Mockingbird” never even occured to me yesterday when I was trying to think of the greatest American novel? Because, well, duh! Not only is it a masterpiece, but it’s a masterpiece that I LOVE. Even the movie is a masterpiece. Sorry, Harper Lee!

And, the only saving grace to a Thursday that completely felt like a Monday all day, is that at least it’s being immediately followed by an honest-to-goodness Friday….

9 Thoughts on “Almost….

  1. How frustrating! Fortunately, I worked at home today, so the impact was minimized. So tomorrow will feel like a Monday and a Friday…

  2. That’s annoying! good luck in the skinny wrench search.

  3. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a hardware store, try a bicycle shop. You’ll be amazed at the tools they have there that nobody else has any use for…well, nobody else but you.

    Good luck!

  4. doh! and I agree with carol — check a bike shop. I have a bike tool that includes very low profile wrenches. :)

  5. Well that’s annoying! Good luck getting the right wrench.

  6. Isn’t that the way it always goes. Hope you find something that works. I’m sure you will.

  7. If it isn’t one thing with this wheel, it’s another! Your patience is admirable.

    Bike shop, yeah. They’ll set you up and you’ll be spinning again in a jiffy.

  8. To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite favorite book.

  9. A bike shop sounds like a great idea – of course, I’m now so far behind on my blog reading that you’ve probably already fixed this issue and have moved on… ;o)

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