I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

The online knitting community just can’t be beat. I posted my survey yesterday, and as of 3 seconds ago, had 506 people fill it in, of whom 458 left their e-mail addresses to be eligible for the raffle. Five. Hundred. People. All in 24 hours! You people are the best!

And, yes, the idea is to build an online course site to teach knitting via text, audio, and video formats. (And, if that works, to branch out into spinning, crocheting, quilting, whatever.) The idea started as a way to get some much-needed money, and then blossomed to a huge, “What if” project. Because while there arevfree text and video sources online, the quality’s not always up to par and they’re usually short and minimalistic. And if people are willing to pay $20 and more for instruction books, DVDs, or lessons at a LYS, why not an online e-learning site that offers all of those in one place? So that whether you prefer to learn by reading, by seeing, or by doing, you get guidance and clear instructions? Obviously, the community aspect that you get here can’t be beat and I wouldn’t dream of trying–I love Ravelry!–but while Ravelry has great forums where you can ask questions (and I have), it’s not so much about teaching as it is about interacting (grin), so … why not a teaching site?

The knitting side of it I know I can do, and I’m good at explaining things, it’s the website/technical end that’s messy at this point. The furthest I’ve gotten on that side of the project? Registering the domain name (grin). There just aren’t enough hours in the day (hence the dusty spinning wheel). The trickiest part is that the online knitting community–you know this as well as I do–is fabulously supportive but we’re not big on doing advertising, and we like our “socializing” to be free. I mean, look at Ravelry! But we also buy tons of books and DVDs, go to knitting classes in droves, and to fiber festivals with more classes en masse. A site that offers good lessons seems like it could find its place in the world. At least, so I hope! (And, I hope you’ll all be as helpful when it’s ready to launch, too (grin).)


I got my first Cafe Press check today, too. Not quite $30, but it’s pure profit from my little shop and I immediately made it over to my parents. The whole point in starting the shop in the first place was to earn some extra cash for Mom and Dad, so that’s the point, right? Any money from the shop goes to the Help Mom and Dad fund. Period.

I just really need more fiber-y items Do you think it would be worth it to upgrade to a “premium” shop? Then I could have more than one of each particular item–more cards, more shirts, more mugs–a lot more scope for tempting merchandise for just $7 a month . . . but since the point is to be making money for pesky things like groceries, I’d want to be sure that it would be worth it (grin).

Really, you know, Chappy’s grateful for the help.

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  1. Uh…Risa is particularly good in the geek department…

  2. WOW. That’s a great response to your survey!!

  3. Hey lady – on the techy side of things, I am always willing to help out. I’m but an email away, so let me know what you think you will be needing…

  4. When I teach my online classes I use Moodle, an open source program that works pretty well with a wide variety of media options for teaching and provides a good “classroom” feel. If you have questions just give a holler.

  5. Wow, that’s a ton of people. I’m so glad you got such a huge response.

  6. I’m so glad you had such a good response! Yay! :o)

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