IMG_0328 Well, I finally got around to winding my Snow Squall singles onto my skein winder, though I haven’t yet summoned up the courage to take them off and see how twisty they are. They took 218 rotations of the winder, I believe it’s a 72″ circumference at its widest point, so that’s 436 yards (398 yds)–plenty for something like a lace shawl, if I felt so inclined, although I think it’s going to be too itchy, really, for lace. The picture doesn’t capture the green in the yarn very well, either, which is a shame. I just loved this colorway, but have my doubts about the usefulness of the yarn. Because, again, it seems kind of itchy, although maybe washing it will soften it a bit. Maybe? The recap, for those who haven’t been playing along: this is 4 oz of Icelandic singles in the Spunky Eclectic “Snow Squall” colorway, which is not only beautiful, but apparently comes with magical powers.

IMG_0334 Otherwise? Pretty quiet day today. I started spinning bobbin #2 of those blue merino singles. Did some reading (would you believe I’m on book #3 of the month already?). Went for a walk with Mom, Dad, and Chappy. Did some basic dusting and some laundry, but … nothing particularly productive.

IMG_0335 Chappy, really, was just glad to have me home. He gave me SUCH a greeting when I got home yesterday, and Mom and Dad said that he basically sat on his chair all day yesterday–not interested in playing (though they tried) and basically didn’t do anything all day except help Dad out with a few snacking emergencies. He obviously was not happy that I was gone most of the day, and while he really does have to accept this kind of thing once in a while, well, it wasn’t exactly onerous to spend all of today with him.

Oh, and here’s a link for the book-lovers among you–30 of the most creative bookcases. Now, I think most of these are fabulous to look at, some are downright beautiful, some are wonderfully creative, but . . . Here’s my thing. I have almost 3000 books spread out over something like 12 overflowing bookcases plus additional closets and storage boxes. When I see clever, creative, whimsical, aesthetic bookcases like these, I admire them at the same time I’m thinking, “But, that’s wasting so much SPACE!” (Not to mention that the odd angles of some of them have to be murder on the book spines.) You can tell that these are usually designed by people who consider a large book collection to be, oh, maybe 100 books.

Really, though, the Freshome site is entertaining to browse through. (A faucet that lets you know if the water is hot or cold? Wall tatoos? Corner picture frames? All very nifty stuff.)

9 Thoughts on “Spinning Sunday

  1. Ok, the one with the books by color? Did it look to you as if the books were purchased solely FOR their colors?!

    You’ll have to show pictures of your bookcases sometime!

    Chris’s last blog post..Let us bow before the Goddess of Girlie Drinks

  2. Love the interesting bookcase. The one that covers a whole wall. I need one like that. And I like how the books lay in two different directions.
    I’ll have to remember that. I could really see that holding my books.

    Micky’s last blog post..What is this world coming to?

  3. haha, that is funny! both of us spinning on sunday. After I finish Pie for Everyone I am going to spin Squall.

    Glad to see great minds think alike!

  4. i th ink my favorite was the cave. i know my youngest would love it! (he likes small spaces so much, he crawled into the dryer once!)

    Minnie’s last blog post..oh no!

  5. Nice spinning! Although those magical powers do concern me, as do those entrelac bookcases.

    Ina’s last blog post..Chilling

  6. Adobe Bookstore in SF let an artist rearrange their used books by color. Interesting and pretty if completely impractical.

    Nifty looking shelves! But you’re right, more display/artistic than shelves for books that you read. Who only has 100 books?

    Carrie K’s last blog post..Is There Still Life Outsde?

  7. Chappy looks just so handsome (and friendly) there! He really has the best color and wave in his fur. Those bookshelves! I’d seen the ceiling shelf recently and thought it a good idea (except perhaps for more dust… which we have a lot of with the woodstove and two dogs).

    lisa’s last blog post..sno dogs

  8. Whatever happened to form follows function? Those bookshelves are pretty. But also useless. I have many, many books. Those wouldn’t store 1/10th of my books. But some of them sure are pretty. As art.

    Carol’s last blog post..Hmmm,

  9. Tell Chappy I’m very sorry that I took his Mommy away and he couldn’t come play this weekend. ;) Love the singles!

    Jessica’s last blog post..It’s March Fo(u)rth

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