IMG_0592 Here’s some irony for you. I made a point of bringing home a couple of these lovely grocery/tote bags, but when I went to the store this morning? They were still sitting at home, so I had to use those plastic, store bags anyway.

See, I’ll tell you exactly what the problem is. I don’t want to empty this bag. I don’t want to put away the yarn. I don’t want to put on the t-shirt. I don’t want to put the bags in the car, ready for a trip to the grocery store. No. Because that will mean that the MV Fiber Festival is really over. And as much as I want to play with that yarn, admire my postcards, and be environmentally-responsible and use these bags for trips to the store … as long as they’re all sitting in this cute little tote and not put nicely away, it still feels like the fiber festival is recent. Fresh. Somehow still going on. The minute I break up the “set,” it’s over, like when you do the laundry after a trip. Once the clean clothes are put away and the suitcase has been stacked in the guest room, that’s it. You’re home. It’s done.

I know. I need to accept reality. But … last week at this time, I was on Martha’s Vineyard, and now I’m not! (Sniffle.)
It doesn’t help that it hasn’t been nearly as nice a Saturday today as LAST Saturday. Sure, the rain they were forecasting held off, after just a sprinkle last night. And it was a nice, 63 degrees. No complaints, really. Except that Mom has now caught Dad’s cold. That means that she opted to stay home this morning, instead of doing the usual, Saturday morning outing for coffee, so I went out on my own.

Nikon D40 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera Kit with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor LensI went to Best Buy to look at the camera I’ve been thinking about. The Nikon D40 Digital SLR which I’ve heard such good things about. I know, I know. The last thing I should be doing right now is spending money on a new camera, not when the money situation is so awful. But … I can actually justify this. (No, really!) I’ve told you about the problems I’m having with my S2 IS, and I’m just not happy enough with the camera to want to pay to get it fixed–especially when I can’t clearly define the problem. Nor do I want to “upgrade” to a reconditioned model of a later version of the same camera for $165. However, this Nikon is going for about $460 at Amazon, which is a great price for DSLR. And then, I have an visa card and for whatever reason, have been hoarding my “reward” gift certificates for months and, with the gift card my sister gave me for Christmas, I’ve got $250 in certificates. Which means I can get this camera for about $210 in cash–well worth the additional $45 over getting a reconditioned Canon S3. And, besides, there’s that handy tax rebate from the US government coming. Why be entirely practical and use it to buy something necessary, like, say, gasoline for the car?

(Hey, incidentally, may I point your attention to the Amazon link to the right? If you ever need to buy something from and you link from here, I’ll get a commission. Not a big one, perhaps, but something! And with money as bad as it is, every bit helps, and if you’re going to buy something anyway….)

So, anyhow, I looked at the Nikon and I looked at the comparably-priced Canon Digital Rebel XT which was also nice. I even have a 35mm film version of a Canon Rebel that could share the same lenses, but … okay, maybe this seems silly … but the XT uses a compact flash memory card, and both my current cameras and my computer use SD cards. Which means that I can just pop the card into the computer to copy pictures–no need to hook up the camera. That convenience is wonderful. As is the fact that I already own several appropriately-sized memory cards. So, really, I’m leaning toward the Nikon. And it was good to see it in person, too, feel it in my hands. Nice camera. (And then, I suppose there’s always a chance that I could win a D60….but I’m not holding my breath!)

After that I went to the bookstore (I had a coupon and used it to buy ONE book, on using Photoshop for digital photos, and just looking through it, I’ve got to tell you, the tips are great.) I bumped into a very nice woman, named Pam, who was browsing in the magazine section when I came by. I mentioned that I was looking for a specific magazine that my Mom had asked me to pick up because a friend told her it had an article about the MV Fiber Farm. We chatted a bit as I flipped through the magazine, looking for it, and she told me that she subscribed to it, and that if I lived nearby, she’d be willing to take a look through the last issue to see if it was in there. Turns out, she lives about 2 miles from here. In fact, almost midway between me and Kim. I don’t really expect that I’ll hear from her (though, Hi, Pam! if you stopped by), but wasn’t that nice of her to offer?

Then, just as I was getting into the car, my phone rang. It was Dad. “When are you coming home? I’m starving to death.” Um, huh? Turns out I had told my poor, sick Mother that I would stop at the store for her to pick up milk and juice and a few other things, and at the top of the list she gave me, it said, “Lunch.” I had assumed that was a reminder to me that I needed to get something for my own lunch–Dad usually eats PB&J or grilled cheese. But, no. She meant lunch for him, too, and he managed to wait all the way to 12:02 before he picked up the phone to call me (grin).

So, I left the bookstore, drove to the grocery store. Grabbed a cart (that was conveniently in the middle of my parking space so that I had to get out of the car to move it anyway), and then zoomed around the store, assembling four (plastic) bags’ worth of groceries. I paid and loaded up the car and was just wheeling my cart to the space designated to shopping carts, when another woman who had just gotten out of her car smiled and said she’d take it. I recommended it to her as being an excellent cart, with no wobbly wheels, and then got in my car and drove home. All in 32 minutes from the time Dad called. (Really, I’m much more efficient in a grocery store than I ever am in a bookstore.)

IMG_0582 In my whirlwind tour of the grocery store, I picked up some strawberry and rhubarb to make a treat for Dad. My Eating Well magazine came last week and it had a recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb strudel. Well, I’ve never made strudel before, but it sounded interesting. Of course, I couldn’t remember what the recipe called for except the fruit and filo dough, but I did my best. I tried their Lemon-Poppyseed cake, too, which was quite tasty. (And, really, should go quite well with the sauce that I turned the extra strawberries and rhubarb into.)

I took Chappy for a walk, too, and all-in-all, it wasn’t until about 3:30 that I had a chance to sit down and relax, and I didn’t even turn my computer on until about 5:30 and then, just as I was about to start writing this blog entry … my server went down. Eep! Apparently they crashed last night and had some residual effects today. I’m glad the problem is fixed, though, and that it wasn’t something on my end because, really, I don’t think I’ve got the energy to deal with that tonight.

As I say, it’s been a full day. Because, on top of all the things I just told you? I had to rip out some of my sweater–pretty much everything I’ve done in the last week. (Note to self: Be grateful you didn’t have time to work on your sweater on MV last weekend.) The button bands weren’t working the way I’d hoped, so I had to tear back to where they began. Not awful, really, but still, I never like having to frog.

And now, I really need to get to bed. I told Dad I’d make him waffles in the morning to go with that strawberry-rhubarb sauce … if, that is, he didn’t want to eat the strudel instead! (grin)

17 Thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. The husband has that camera and loves it. As he has had some extra cash he has added a couple of lens. It is really versatile that way. Yes I am being a bad influence. But I know you love taking photographs so it is a good, long lasting purchase. Yes, I still am being a bad influence;)

    deb’s last blog post..The color of France is bleu

  2. I’m not trying to enable you, but I love my D40! I got it about a year ago and have been very happy. I have the 18-55mm standard lens and the 55-200mm VR (vibration reduction) lens. I take great pictures of my son playing lacrosse with me on the sidelines and him all the way across the field. I was able to blow up action pictures of his teammates to make each of them 8x10s for the team party. The VR lens isn’t cheap, but it is worth some saving (I would love the 18-200mm VR lens, but that is out of my budget).

    I’ll have new lacrosse pics up Sunday or you can scroll back to see my recent ones.

  3. Busy day!!! D’oh – I’ll try to remember that about your amazon link because, um, I bought a new camera last week and I sure could’ve done that by clicking through from your place. It’s just a spiffier point’n’shoot than the one I have – realistically, I know I wouldn’t do much with an SLR.

    Bummer about the sweater… Hope your mom is feeling better.

    Chris’s last blog post..Random for a rainy (and possibly snowy?!) Friday

  4. not silly at all… the sd thing was totally important to me as well when I bought my camera. Not to be an evil little enabler but Costco has a D60 for an awesome price ( if only I could learn to use a fancy schmancy camera). just thought I would share ;)

  5. I don’t want to empty my Fiber Fest bag out either :(

    Mom’s last blog post..MV Fiber Farm – The Babies …

  6. I’ve had the Canon Rebel digital SLR for years and love it. I’d personally go with the ability to share lenses over something as minor as a memory card. You plug in the camera and download….Canons are pretty easy in that regard.

    Marcia’s last blog post..A Last Minute H

  7. I’d go for the camera. It sounds like you’re getting an excellent bargain with the Amazon point/certificates, etc. Busy day for you! Starwberry Rhubarb strudel sounds so yummy!

    Kim’s last blog post..Mo FO

  8. Two things-
    1.You will not regret buying the D40 for even one minute. Trust me. I bought mine during a really shaky financial period and I was grateful that I had it every day.

    2.I’m not ready for Fiber Fest to be over either. Now that I’m back to the everyday work of running my business I can’t shake the day-after-Christmasness of the situation. BUT- fall is coming soon…

    Susan’s last blog post..Can anybody read German?

  9. If it helps, I discovered that they actually make a cf card adapter for sd cards. You slip the sd card into this adapter thing and it then works in cf devices. I haven’t actually tried it, so I can’t say how well it works. But I found it through amazon so maybe you could read some reviews?

    Nancy’s last blog post..Whew!

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  11. Hello,

    And what a delightful story. I love your exciting adventure and your parents should be so proud of you. So caring of your parents you are:) And Martha’s Vineyard is the vacation spot to go to. I just love it there too.

    Carmen Vj’s last blog post..Best Internet Dating Tips

  12. I love my D-SLR. I went with the Olympus model because it came with two lenses and it’s more fun for me to have two lenses. ;)

    Cactii’s last blog post..GPS Tracking Systems for Cars, Pets and People

  13. I can relate to your comment about having re-usable grocery bags, but they’re never in the car when I go to the store. I need a bumper sticker that says “did you remember your grocery bags?”

    Laurie Furber’s last blog post..Help! My Toys Ate My Family Room

  14. I can relate to your comment about having re-usable grocery bags, but they’re never in the car when I go to the store. I need a bumper sticker that says “did you remember your grocery bags?”

    Laurie Furber’s last blog post..Help! My Toys Ate My Family Room

  15. I know this is an old post, but it came up when I did a search and I wanted to leave you a comment.

    I agree about reuseable grocery bags, and I use them for everything but groceries!! :)

    And I also like that camera, and hope you did get it!!!

    The Angels Weekly’s last blog post..The Amazing Race ReCap

  16. I prefer canon than Nikon. Now I use Cannon 450d , DSLR camera. I think DSLR camera is better than ordinary digital camera because you can change the lens.

    wamucards’s last blog post..There Is Help At Hand for Those Struggling With Their Wamucards Mortgage

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