Well, Mom has definitely caught Dad’s cold and has been more or less miserable today. I spent most of my day either in the kitchen (waffles for breakfast, pot roast and baked potatoes for supper), or reading. (A book on photography, that book on Photoshopping pictures, and I’m still working my way through the Amelia Peabody books by Elizabeth Peters.)

Here’s a really interesting article about how shoes are BAD for our feet. Fascinating, and similar to something I read a few months ago. It’s just a shame that I really hate going barefoot (grin). Stepping on a bee, more than once, in a summer when you’re about 5 can have that affect.

That book I bought yesterday, about Photoshop tricks for digital photos? Oh, my. SO worth the money. Look at some of the touch-ups I’ve done with its tips.

Improved the colors:

IMG_0523 IMG_0523copy

IMG_6748 IMG_6748copy

IMG_6769 IMG_6769copy

Improved over-exposed flash photos:

IMG_0584 IMG_0584copy

IMG_6662 IMG_6662copy

IMG_0557 IMG_0557copy

Brightened too-dark photos:

IMG_0572 IMG_0572copy

MVFiberFest17 MVFiberFest17copy

OakBluffs32 OakBluffs32copy

Click for bigger, as always. Already, this book (here’s the link again) is well worth its money. (These changes–practically effortless–and the tip on renaming batches of photos in Photoshop en masse is like a dream come true. I think I’m in love.)

Oh, and then–speaking of reading–there was this.

IMG_0596 Speaking of reading, look what I got in the mail yesterday. A bookplate signed by one of my favorite authors, Anne McCaffrey. I read about the possibility of getting one a while ago and sent an e-mail just gushing, to ask for one.

I … have been hooked ever since. In fact, I just re-read the Pern books last week because, well, that’s what you DO with favorite authors. (The people who don’t understand the concept of “comfort reading” clearly are not real readers.) I have a copy of the Dragonriders game stashed in a closet, too–that old one, with the cardboard markers of each character … You get the idea. I like the knitting references, too, because I’m a diehard knitter and spinner myself. I saw on the blog that Anne doesn’t knit much anymore, but quilts these days, even though she has a stash of needles and patterns in the attic. Well, be still my heart! The very thought makes me drool. And then, of course, there are the other authors that I’ve found because of Anne McCaffrey. I would never have discovered the Liaden series if I hadn’t seen it mentioned, and if she hadn’t written the intro to the multi-volume books that were published a few years ago. She had a blurb on Sharon Shinn’s “Archangel,” too, which has since become one of my favorite books. Really, the number of hours of sheer reading pleasure I’ve gotten either directly from Anne McCaffrey or from virtual recommendations of hers are uncountable. So, while entirely understanding if it’s not possible because of sheer numbers and fatigue, well, I had to at least ask, right?”

But when the envelope came yesterday? Who do I know in Ireland, I wondered. Imagine my delight when I opened it. So cool. Now I just have to decide what to do with it!

And meanwhile, hope that Mom gets better FAST. She’s got someplace she needs to be Tuesday night and has to be better for it! Send her get-well vibes, would you please?

12 Thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. Hope Mom gets better real soon and definitely in time for Tuesday evening! Looks like that book is well worth the $$$. Just out of curiousity, have you picked buttons for the above pictured sweater? :-)

    Deborah’s last blog post..Something Old Part I

  2. The shoe article is really interesting – thanks for the link. I think you need to frame that bookplate!!

    Chris’s last blog post..Report from a busy weekend

  3. I’ll take any justification I can get for going barefoot. I love to be barefoot. When I have to go out – I prefer my Keens – which are practically barefoot.

    I also loved the reminder on photography. Thanks!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Knitting While Earning Citizenship in the Nation

  4. Yeah, get well to your mom! This cold that’s going around seems to linger. I’m off to the doc today to be sure I don’t have secondary infection… a lot of people around here have had this. I will have to re-read those dragon books, I did enjoy them, and it has been a very long time!

    lisa’s last blog post..H is for House

  5. I hope your Mom feels better soon! Spring colds are the worst. :o(

    I love what you’ve done with Photoshop! Isn’t it magical? If you get the Nikon and it takes RAW photos you’ll be able to do even more! (personally though, I’m a Pentax girl. Oh and you’ll want to make sure whatever you get has image stabilization, there’s nothing worse than taking a photo in low light and getting nothing but blur) ;o)

    JessaLu’s last blog post..This weekend…

  6. Hope your Mom feels better soon! That photoshop stuff is so amazing!

    Kim’s last blog post..Mo FO

  7. Poor Joan! I hope she’s getting lots of rest, drinking fluids, etc.

    Susan’s last blog post..Can anybody read German?

  8. I miss Photoshop Elements…don’t have it (yet) on the new Mac. However, I am finding the photo editing tools on iPhoto are pretty decent, especially for correcting color and exposure. I rarely post a photo anymore without “tweaking” something! But I still want Elements, especially after seeing what Pioneer Woman does with her stuff!

  9. Nice Photoshopping, especially the exposure corrections. I’m patiently waiting for Vivo shoes to be available in the U.S. Hope Chappy’s grandmom feels better soon!

    Ina’s last blog post..More Flowers

  10. Lisa G on May 1, 2008 at 8:30 am said:

    Oooo, Ooooo–what a great gift – signed bookplate. An amazing mail day, indeed. Anne McCaffrey makes the shortlist of favorites!

  11. i’ll tell you what. that shoe article just vindicates what i’ve been saying for ever. i have been an unrepentant bare-footer since i was a small child. i’d make my dad mad because i refused to wear shoes on the farm (he had a cousin who got a huge splinter in her foot, and had to have surgery to have it removed). but now they’re saying that shoes are bad for you! vindication is wonderful!

    hope your mom is feeling better, btw!

    Minnie’s last blog post..I know, I know

  12. Know what i’d do with that book plate? Frame it! the artwork is gorgeous!

    Minnie’s last blog post..this is interesting

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