052108--014 052108--013 Well, I promised you pictures of the button bands on my sweater, so here you go. You can see how it’s identical on both side, thanks to the double-knitting. The button holes are nice and firm. (Though I haven’t tested out my already-purchased buttons yet. They’re just going to have to fit.) Very nice, don’t you think?

Not only that, I did a whole row on the first sleeve tonight. That is, I picked up the 80-ish stitches and then knitted the first row. I know, exhausting.

Although, actually, considering how tired I was when I came home from work today, that’s pretty impressive. All I really wanted to do was nap (grin). My temperature, for those of you who are interested, has been normal every time I’ve tested it today (though never the same twice, go figure). I’m just tired, though that makes sense, really, since my body has been working extra hard lately for something.

052108--006 I’ve barely taken any pictures with my new camera the last few, feverish days, but I did take this one through my wet window. The bright green tips on the pine branches keep making me think of fingers, don’t ask me why….

Did you hear about the lost parrot who told a vet his name and his address so he could be reunited with his family? (No, really!) It took them two years to teach it to him (and that family can never move), but didn’t that pay off well?

Next time you’re thinking to yourself, “That could never work,” take a look at this list of fabulous quotes that prove otherwise. Never assume something won’t work, you never know until you try! (I particularly like the quote about why the Yale paper that stood as the foundation of Fedex got a “C” because it wasn’t feasible. I wonder if it’s too late to get his grade revised?)

Okay, rant ahead….

In the Irritating category, our cable company decided today that five channels–Sci-Fi, TLC, A&E, the Travel Channel, and E!–no longer qualify as basic cable. The only way to watch them is through an IO box. Well, we have two of those–one in my parents’ room, and one in the living room, but not in the kitchen, and not in my room. Which means that I can’t watch What Not to Wear on Friday nights anymore. And I’m thanking my lucky stars that I never could get in the habit of remembering to watch Battlestar Galactica because it’s a show I would probably be hooked on and it would now be impossible for me to watch. (Because, while I could theoretically record it downstairs, that would mean my Mom couldn’t watch the news down there before she came up to bed, because the cable box would have to be on the Sci-Fi channel to be able to record it.)

I am just so frustrated by this. I understand the necessity of keeping people from stealing premium cable, and I understand that if you want those extra, nifty IO features, you need the box, but it seems that the more that gets added as “New Features!” the less you actually get for your money and the more you have to pay to use anything. Remember when television was free? Once you bought your set, that was it–you waved the rabbit ears around or attached it to an antenna on the roof and there you were. Sure, you only had about 10 channels, but who cared? Then there was the option of cable, so you could get nifty channels like HBO and the Weather Channel … but you could still tune in to free television if you wanted it. And you could still use the cool features that came on your television, like the picture-in-picture option. Not to mention that once you bought a VCR, you could record one show while watching another (which, for me, was and still is the best part about a VCR–being able to record things while doing or watching something else). But, in the last 10 years or so, suddenly you need a cable (or satellite) box to watch anything. You can’t use picture-in-picture or your VCR anymore because the only signal you get is whatever channel your cable box is tuned to.

Not that people use VCRs anymore. Because along came Tivo, which is theoretically wonderful except you have to pay extra for that, too! Which means it’s still not something I’ve got. I’d love to, but can’t afford it. Which means that I’m stuck with what I can (1) watch live or (2) can record somewhere else in the house and physically carry down to watch with Mom. Which means, guess what? I’m still using my VCR. I have a DVD recorder in my room, but I can’t play one of those disks on any other machine in the house until it’s “finalized,” and frankly, it’s not worth it for one episode of a show that happens to be scheduled opposite something else we like to watch–which happens way too often. (Don’t get me started on that, either–there are so many nights that I can’t find a single thing to watch, and then all my favorite shows get scheduled on top of each other.)

And now, in 2008, I can’t even watch A&E anymore. I’ve been watching that since they used to show, remember this, actual Arts and Entertainment? Like, the occasional opera? You all know I love new technology and new gadgets, and all that, but I swear I get less and less functionality on my television every year. We simply cannot afford more IO boxes. We can’t afford to get the special IO-brand DVR box (since they tell us that our system doesn’t accept Tivo anyway). I can’t record one thing while I watch something else. I can’t record a show in my bedroom to watch later with my Mother (which, incidentally, is why neither of us has gotten to watch the season finale of “Chuck” yet). They’ll tout all these “wonderful” features like free HDTV or free-on-demand, but that doesn’t do us any good because we don’t have an HD-compatible television in the family room anyway, and let’s face it, they’ll probably start charging for that next time around. Or, rather, they’ll give the “HD” television for free and charge people for having older televisions. Because they can.

This is a problem that Lucy and Ricky never would have dreamed of in a million years.

Okay, rant over. I’m going to go climb into bed now.

9 Thoughts on “Ready to Button

  1. Love the sweater! I give up on TV. I rely entirely on my Netflix subscription. It’s so much easier and less hassle to deal with.

    ; )

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Nicky Epstein Counterpane Masterpiece

  2. I’m glad your temp is normal again! I love the greens in that tree picture.

    Let’s see. I think I turned my tv on to watch a movie in, um… January? February maybe?

    Chris’s last blog post..Ice scream socks

  3. Roberta on May 22, 2008 at 8:59 am said:

    Stepping out from my quiet reader’s corner (not lurking) to say I’m very glad your temp is back to normal BUT if tiredness doesn’t go away within a day or so and/or temp rises again – Please check with your doctor and have some simple blood tests. Take care.

  4. Those button bands rock! Sorry about your A&E. Everything these days seems designed tp squeeze more money out of people from having to pay to check bags at the airport, to the train servioce cuts, to gas, to cable. AAAAHHHH!

    Kim’s last blog post..J is for

  5. Allyson on May 22, 2008 at 12:09 pm said:


  6. Your buttonbands look fabulous.

    I’m w/Kim on the doctor thing.

    Don’t start me on TV! How are those five premium cable channels? Not that A&E is much of a loss nowadays but it’s the principle of the thing. I miss Lovejoy, Miss Marple, Law and Order on A&E.

    I have the same problems as you do with boxes and TiVo. I’m beginning to think I should watch them all online (however unlikely I am to do that) or at the end of the season on DVD’s.)

    Carrie K’s last blog post..Memes and Crabbing

  7. Sharon T on May 22, 2008 at 4:05 pm said:

    We have a dish and my husband likes to control what is on the TV. I’m usually knitting, so don’t mind too much.
    Teaching parrots to say their address is a great thing. Only my parrot won’t talk if someone he doesn’t know is in the same room. Once he gets past 2 word phrases, we can try the address or phone number.

  8. cindy on May 23, 2008 at 8:59 am said:

    I had a fight with cablevision about this very subject just the other day. Their excuse “those channels broadcast in both analog and digital and they are eliminating the analog feed and so therefore your need the box.” My question was CR- “well what about the OTHER channels that are out there?’ IO-“They are already digitial” CR- “Well why don’t I need the box to see them?” IO- “Those other channels are analog and that is going away.” CR- ” But if I can already see digitial channels without a box why do I need a box to see the ones are are going to digital?” IO- “Do you want to get the box or not?” I think this is just another way for Cablevision to RIP OFF its customers. They are charging an addition $6.00/box/month. When I signed up for this service I was told that it would only be 20.00 more a month that was $50.00 ago.

  9. Wait. You had TEN channels?! We had three. Two of which were the same – and if we wanted to watch NBC we had to go to Grandma’s house at the top of the hill.

    I do hear you on the ‘extra’ this and that – we just added HD to our lineup (for an extra $10) which killed our old Tivo that had the ability to record 300+ hours because I sunk $150 into it last year to upgrade the hard drive. yay. Oh and don’t even get me started on how you can’t record anything from HBO onto a DVD recorder. ;o)

    JessaLu’s last blog post..Thank the GSDā€¦

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