052708--015b Mom was going through her MV notes today and just realized … our little doll Cindy is 20 years old today. She’s from “Dolls by Pauline” who used to make these sweet-faced, cloth dolls and something about her face and her brown braids just made Mom and me fall in love with her. We even took her on vacation, and she “adopted” this stuffed dog, from whom she is inseparable. (His name is “Mittens” because he’s really a puppet and does a fabulous job keeping your hand warm.)

052708--023 We bought another doll the next year when we went back to MV, and then two more … From left to right, this is Leslie, Annette, Cindy, and April. Cindy is the oldest, than Annette, with the curly blonde hair. The others are the same age, and they all came from the Secret Garden store in Oak Bluffs.

052708--039 Pauline does still technically have cloth dolls on her website, but they’re not the same. They’re more “cutesy” and have yarn hair, and most of the other dolls are porcelain with little sneers on their faces. Or at least, that’s what I think–they don’t look appealing to me at all. I don’t like a doll who clearly thinks she’s better than me. Although, I suppose, it’s rude to complain since Pauline died a couple of years ago.

052708--037 Mustn’t forget Harriet, either.

052708--047  Harriet belongs to April and dangles from her hand just like a favorite doll should. I confess, I’ve always had a soft spot for Harriet.

052708--026 Really, though, they’re such sweet dolls. I can’t believe we’ve had them for twenty years. Mom and I have had a lot of fun with them, too. Cindy used to get into all sorts of hijinx around the house while I was off at work. Who says you’re supposed to outgrow dolls when you grow up?

052708--002  Oh, and another “feet” picture for you … the dog-tired variation, belonging to my exhausted Chappy last night. Cleaning the deck the other day sure wore him out!

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  1. Oh, Harriet is such a sweet little detail!

    Chris’s last blog post..Dyeing for summer

  2. Beautiful dolls!

    JessaLu’s last blog post..Thank the GSD…

  3. The hair on those dolls looks like real human hair! Very cute doggie foot photo too.

    Kim’s last blog post..J is for

  4. What beautiful dolls! I love the Secret Garden; that’s probably my very favorite store on MV! But I also love the tea shop too. Hopefully we can get back there in August.

    Debby’s last blog post..A Fine Romance

  5. I have a Pauline doll. Alas, I don’t remember her name, but maybe Samantha. She is from 1985ish, and has black ringlets, and a white dress with silver accent and silver shoes on. She really is a pretty doll. What I am going to do with her I don’t know.

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