Okay, first things first–an announcement.

Last year, as some of you will remember, I had two calendars up in my Cafe Press store. Well! This year, I’ve got an assortment in my new, improved store!

I upgraded a couple months ago so that I could put up more than one of each item for sale, and so this year,


I’ve got Knitting/Spinning calendars (regular wall-size, oversized, and vertical), AND


Martha’s Vineyard calendars (regular wall-size and oversized).

For that matter, I’ve got mugs, tote bags, and note cards of all sorts of pictures in the shop (which is proudly named after Chappy, of course). I don’t have many t-shirts and the like, though, because just about everything is made from photographs, and I tend to think that a rectangular photograph loses something on a t-shirt … what do you think?

In fact, tell me what you’d LIKE to see in the shop! If I can do it, I’ll add it. I was thinking about starting a section for flower/scenery pictures, too, since I seem to be taking a lot of them lately. Those and food pictures. You know I love to take pictures of baked goods and fruits and things. I’d love to hear what you think. More Chappy pictures? Maybe a section of “Knitting Scholar” things? (Although, really, would anybody other than me buy those?) If you want to browse around, the Knitting/Spinning section would probably be the most reasonable place to start. (grin)
092108_0057 Now, otherwise, obviously, now that I’ve finished my last batch of spinning, it’s time to start fresh…

092108_0067 So … here’s “Floral Camisole.”

092108_0064 Am I the only one who thinks it’s sticking its tongue out at me?

092108_0073 It’s spinning up very nicely, though. I only just started it. (I haven’t even covered the bottom of the bobbin yet!), but it’s very pretty and a pleasure to spin, so it bodes well.

7 Thoughts on “Calendars

  1. Both calendars are gorgeous. This is an unbiased opinion of course :)

    Mom’s last blog post..Autumn…

  2. wow, lovely spinning!

    Tanya’s last blog post..Question 2

  3. So pretty! And it is sticking its tongue out at you. A calendar of food or maybe Saturday Sky photos would be lovely. The calendars I got from you last year were a big hit. I’ll have to see who is on my list this year and if they’d like a calendar.

    Kim’s last blog post..Greetings From Vise Peeper

  4. Got mine! They look gorgeous!

    Lorette’s last blog post..Project Roundup, Part 3

  5. It DOES look like it’s sticking out its tongue. Naughty roving.

    Chris’s last blog post..Back to work again, hi ho, hi ho

  6. That colorway is really lovely! I love blues and browns together.

    Sarah’s last blog post..So close I can taste it…

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