102808_0006 Okay, I like snow, you know that. And Chappy REALLY likes snow.

But this was just unfair. Snow? In October? Even last year it didn’t start this early. And–that picture? The view out my windshield when I got into my car at lunchtime.

The worst part was that–here, at least–there wasn’t enough to DO anything. No snow for romping. Too wet. Too bone-chilling cold. (32 degrees with wet, windy, snow showers in October feels COLD.) Which means it wasn’t FUN snow. Just miserable, wet snow.

And, northwest of here, they were getting something like 13″ of the stuff. And other places got even more.

I mean, really, it’s not even Halloween. We haven’t even elected the next President yet. It’s way too early for snow!

On the plus side, I wore my Ingenue for the first time.

102808_0010 And I’m making progress on my sweater sleeve. This is my Harvest Cardigan, remember. I had actually started the colorwork part the other night, but my floats were too tight. The beginning and end of the color sections have a 13-stitch float, and it often takes me a few rows to get the “feel” of the stranding, and in this case, it made the sleeve rather, um, snug. So, I tore back the 8 or so rows I’d done of the color work and re-started it again tonight.

You want to know what’s really surprising?

My gauge is actually pretty close. At least, by my standards. In fact, my row-gauge is a little smaller than it should be. That NEVER happens. I’m actually using the instructions for the smallest size on the grounds that my gauge always ends up loose, and both of the other Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool sweaters have ended up dramatically too big, despite my gauge swatches. So, I’m working on the assumption that it’s going to end up bigger, and that my short-ish row gauge will balance out. Or something like that.

In other words, despite what the numbers are telling me, I’m knitting on faith.

11 Thoughts on “But! It’s Too Early!

  1. Wow – and here I was feeling so sorry for myself because I saw snow out the window on Sunday. Dang! (Of course, one of our most infamous blizzards was the the Halloween Blizzard of 1992, so…)

    Do you usually end up with a compressed row gauge? I have a compressed GS row gauge, but a pretty normal stockinette gauge. Jeanne thought that if I used two different size tips on my Options needles, I might end up ok.

    Chris’s last blog post..In which Chaos loses his mind

  2. Oh – I wish we had some of that! It was sunny and warm today… and we really need ski season to get started.

    Ruth’s last blog post..Orange…. I think I’ll paint the cupboards orange

  3. It is waaaaay to early for snow! I’m right there with ya on that one. Hopefully this was just a freak thing and the real stuff won’t come for awhile yet. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking, right? :-)

    Maybe with what’s going on with your sample gauge and actual knitting gauge on the sweater, it will end up being a perfect fit! Keeping fingers crossed it all works out in the end.

    Deborah’s last blog post..Porom Love

  4. Holy crap! Yeah. WAY too early for NJ. So glad I didn’t need to be home on time last night.

    Jessica’s last blog post..What to blog, what to blog….

  5. Oh I agree, far too early for that stuff. I didn’t see it in Manhattan fortunately. You know how much I love it ;)

    Risa’s last blog post..Round and Round

  6. The snow won’t stick around for long, right?

    margene’s last blog post..Under the Influence

  7. We found one good thing with the freak snowstorm yesterday .We now know a few things to work on with the snowplow before the next one – things that will be much easier to do this upcoming nice weekend rather than in the middle of bone-chilling, wet weather. Love you!

  8. Snow??? Wow. Ingenue looks good though! Harvest too, such as it is.

    Poor Chappy. Not even fun snow.

    Carrie K’s last blog post..Eek! A steek!

  9. I couldn’t believe the snow yesterday! Liam was sick so I stayed home from work. It was a good day to be indoors. Good look with the new sweater!

    Kim’s last blog post..My Needles Seem Empty Yet My Heart is Full

  10. Marcia on October 29, 2008 at 7:56 pm said:

    We had a heavy snow in October back in the 80’s, too. It was so heavy that we were up all night listening to the cracking of the breaking tree limbs! Of course, we then had no power for nearly a week..the boys finally had to go shower at school! It rained like mad here yesterday, but we did get some flakes this morning. Time to clean the garage so I can put the Audi inside!

  11. Snow? It’s too early. Lalalala!

    Ina’s last blog post..T is for Template

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