So … here’s my sleeve so far and … I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with it.

The problem is that light brown. Do you think that it gets a little lost?

See, there’s the graying-green at the bottom, then the gray, the golden brown, then the yellowish color, then the golden brown again, and the gray, which is as far as I’ve gotten.

102908_0008 copy The thing is that the actual pattern is this lovely, multi-hued diamond pattern, and the colors I’ve got (since they are, of course, in a completely different yarn) don’t quite match. And since my gold-brown is really such a close match to the dark brown of the background, you kind of lose the cohesiveness of the pattern. Don’t you think?

102908_0004 So, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll use this red yarn after all. Instead of the otherwise very pretty gold-brown.

Or? Use the red for the center row and use the yellowish yarn for the two bands spanning the center, currently being used by the golden-brown?

Yes? No?

Of course, this will mean some more frogging … but at least it’s just ten rows.

And, still, I am very happy with the way the Silky Wool is working in this pattern. That’s nice, don’t you think? (grin)

13 Thoughts on “Hmmm … Maybe Not?

  1. i don’t know, i like it!

    Tanya’s last blog post..I stopped counting at twelve….arf!

  2. I think it looks nice, but you can’t really see the diamonds … and I LIKE the diamonds!

  3. I think a color that contrasted better with the background color is going to make you a lot happier in the long run.

    And yes! Being happy with the Silky Wool this time out is a good thing. I’m always happy with it, but I know you’ve had bad luck with it.

    Carrie K’s last blog post..Eek! A steek!

  4. I think you will need to change out the color. Unfortunately the light brown is barely visible.

    Wanda’s last blog post..Sockin’ Away

  5. Well, the yarn looks lovely and the pattern is gorgeous, but I agree – the contrast doesn’t seem to work. It would be such a shame to have the wonderful pattern simply disappear. I’m sorry to say it, but I agree with you, I think you need another color that POPs. Good luck.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Why I Love Being a Mom

  6. sue in MA on October 30, 2008 at 8:50 am said:

    YUP gotta change the yarn. But I think that the red in the center with the yellow for the bands would really work well. Try a small swatch (I hate to swatch!) both ways and see which you prefer.


  7. Definitely change the yarn. I think the red in place of the light brown would be nice. I think if you want to keep the feel of theoriginal you’ll want to keep the center color the same.

  8. Yup, the brown does get lost. The red will be an excellent sub. I’d use it for the red for the bands section around the center and keep using the yellowish as you’re using it now. This is going to be so pretty!

    Kim’s last blog post..My Needles Seem Empty Yet My Heart is Full

  9. I think you need to change the color if you want to see the pattern – and I also think you might want to change what hand you’re holding the colors with to make them more dominant. It can make a big difference.

    JessaLu’s last blog post..If you didn’t hate me on Friday…

  10. Agreed the color needs to be changed out.

    Risa’s last blog post..Round and Round

  11. I think the red would be better than the golden brown that’s there now. I keep thinking that something even darker would look nice… such as a very dark brown or black where the golden brown is.

    Laura’s last blog post..link}’>{$entry->title}

  12. I have to use my imagination to see the diamonds, which doesn’t seem good.

    Chris’s last blog post..In which our secret knitting project is revealed

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