113008_0008 So, Chappy charmed his grandparents this afternoon. (Yeah, like that’s a surprise.)

Mom has been in “Elf Mode” the last few days, pulling out the Christmas decorations–like the Santa my grandfather made in the 50’s. (It’s not Christmas without our 2-dimensional Santa–I can still remember when he was taler than me.) Anyway, she and Dad decided that today would be the day they would put up the tree.

Mom had gone across the street to our neighbor’s house while Dad dragged the Tree Bag up from the basement, and Chappy just went nuts. Dancing and spinning, and just so happy to see it! Because, of course, this is his eighth Christmas; he knows what it’s all about.

120208_0012 Well, the family, fun, food, presents, decorations part … he’s heard the story about the manger and the wise men and all, but I can’t say he’s really paid attention to all of that part. But he knows all about the Snoopy dance.

Anyway, when Mom came home, Chappy greeted her at the door like, well, like it was Christmas! He couldn’t WAIT to show her that the Christmas tree was here! Mom said that you would have thought she’d been gone for weeks, he was so happy to see her.

Which just goes to show you that dogs love Christmas too. Just like on this cute little stocking we’ve had since Jilly. She was our miniature dachshund and she definitely loved Christmas–she perked up every year when the decorations came out, so one year, Mom bought her this stocking to put next to her pillow. I can’t say for sure that Jilly loved the stocking, but it always makes me smile.

And, well, it’s TRUE. And Chappy can ALWAYS put a smile on our faces.

120208_0002 In other news, my new business cards came. What do you think?

That’s two, separate cards. One specifically for Punctuality Rules! and the Freelancing thing. And the other one is a general card that lists all three of my blogs. You know, so that if I’m talking to someone about general kinds of things and the freelancing comes up, I can give them a card that lists everything. I love the way it looks–I finally found a use for that deliciously swoopy, curvy, scripty Fontina! I love the way my initials look in the background (even if it’s a little more green and less teal than I had expected).

The problem is that I’m not happy with the way the Punctuality Rules card came out. The triangle, first of all, should be blue/teal, and it’s green, but more than that, it’s not a solid green–it looks patchy and spotty and sloppy, like their printer was low on toner. I sent them an email to complain, though, and they offered to reprint them to keep me satisfied so … so far, at least, they’re customer service gets good marks. I haven’t gotten the new cards yet, of course, but they responded nicely and promptly, and that’s so refreshing. Especially since some of the other customer service problems I’ve had (elsewhere) this year. So, good for them!

Is it just me, or do these cookies sound really tasty?

And, here are some clever alternative uses to a digital camera. What other ones can you think of? Like, say, snapping a yarn label for dye lot information? Or, my favorite, taking pictures of the warranty labels with all those long ID numbers on televisions and computers, so that you can read the numbers without having to climb behind the dusty units and get tangled in all the power cords….

8 Thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Cookies bookmarked. Yum. I’m amazed that Chappy knows that Xmas is different. And remembers with joy.

    Laurie’s last blog post..W is for Wonder Girl

  2. I must admit I didn’t click the link for alt. uses of cameras, but it made me think of some women I know who use the little camera at the top of their macbooks to put on lipstick at their desks!

  3. Oh, that’s a clever idea re: not having to climb behind something to get the serial numbers and such! I have used it to read tiny print before. And as sort of a visual reminder of a phone number on a sign instead of writing the number down.

    I see what you mean about the Punctuality Rules! card – I’m glad they’re redoing the cards for you. For the sort of business you have, your cards are going to be critical.

  4. Love that hand made Santa! This will be Stella’s first Christmas with us. I hope she has as much Christmas spirit as Chappy.

    Kim’s last blog post..New Socks

  5. I’m thinking of getting a Christmas tree today! It will be Zero’s first Christmas. I hope he doesn’t freak out too much. Haha!

    That camera link was great. I already use my camera as a mirror; it’s great for checking how the back of your head looks. I will also take photos of the shopping list on our whiteboard at home. I really like the idea of the “This Camera Belongs To…” note. I think I’ll do that.

    maria’s last blog post..Frost Flowers and Leaves

  6. Chappy’s great-grandfather did a fabulous job with Santa – it’s so full of expression.

    Alas, I can’t comment on your business cards – they look fine on my monitor.

    The cookie recipe is intriguing, but the writing made me want to leave the website.

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