I want you to know that I came by my adorableness naturally. I wasn’t the only cute kid in my family!

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My sister, for instance. Wasn’t she cute? (And that first grade picture is one of the very few of her with long hair. In fact, she’s had long hair in her life about as many times as I’ve had short hair.)


Actually, one of my favorite pictures of my sister as a little girl? It’s this one. Now, this picture is ostensibly a picture of my first meeting with my grandfather, but see that little girl on the couch in the background?

030609_0004 copy

… Just sitting there, with her doll, happily swinging her legs in her cute little Mary Janes. Not to mention wearing a jaunty little beret (and if you knew how much my sister hates wearing hats, well, this IS an exciting moment captured on film). I just love the look on her face, and how happy she looks, even though she’s not the one getting attention–which, considering she was only 2 1/2 is pretty impressive.

030609_0010 030609_0013

And, well, Mom and Dad were pretty darn adorable, too, so it’s easy to see where we got our cuteness.

030609_0032 030609_0034 030609_0028 030609_0026

My niece and nephew were pretty darn adorable, too. Wasn’t it nice of my sister and brother-in-law to pass it on to the next generation?


And our four-legged members have all been adorable, too. This is Muppy, our first dog. This was before we brought her home, so she’s probably about 5 weeks old in this picture, from 1977. (And, that Boykin Spaniel sprawled on the chair with my nephew, by the way, is Katy, not Chappy.)


Chappy, of course, is sitting here trying to figure out–if I wanted pictures of CUTE, why, oh why, am I not taking pictures of HIM?


I tried to explain the nostalgia thing…


And, oh yes, here I go on the border!


All the petals are sewn down and we (the afghan and I) are ready for the next stage. Let’s just hope that (1) my hand-made border cable chart looks as good as I hope it will and (2) that I can get it knitted onto the afghan as seamlessly and neatly as I hope to, without messing up the gauge or making it “ruffle” or anything else…

7 Thoughts on “I’m Not the Only One

  1. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

    Mom’s last blog post..MV/HV Fiber Farm Giveaway …

  2. Well, isn’t that a surprise. My Mom LIKED this post! (grin)

  3. Patty on March 6, 2009 at 8:54 pm said:

    Hey, I had long hair until seventh grade! And, I think your niece and nephew are still cute (my nephew, too.)

  4. More adorable pictures! Makes me want to go dig through a shoebox. :)

    Tabby’s last blog post..Fun for Friday

  5. that afgan is awesome, i can’t wait to see it done!

  6. Gah, flickr seems troubled this evening. I see a few pictures of your sister (who was very cute) and an adorable puppy and none of the others. This isn’t the first blog at which I’ve experienced cranky flickr tonight.

    Chris’s last blog post..Soup is good food

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