Ah, a nice, peaceful Sunday. Quiet. Pretty uneventful. Chappy got in some really good naps.

Mind you, he got a walk this morning, before it got too hot. And he helped clean a couple of cake plates, as well as sampling the pot roast to make sure it was okay. There was the whole barking thing at the neighbors who had the nerve to walk past his house, too. So it’s not like he spent the whole day sleeping.

But, since my sister’s family came to visit yesterday afternoon, he needed the extra sleep. He LOVES playing host to guests–and family is his favorite kind–but being sociable does tire him out. You understand, in a good way!

Hey, take a minute and head over to Knitting Scholar. I posted a list of all (?) the new and upcoming knitting books, and there are some really good ones coming up. Just, watch your wallets! (And, if you were to decide to buy any of those books, please do consider using my amazon.com links–I get a couple dollars’ commission for each purchase, and it’s much appreciated. You know, IF you are thinking of buying them anyway!)

Have YOU designed/knitted a great hat? Well, Annie Modesitt is looking for 1000 of them. If you haven’t submitted it (them) yet, you’ve still got time. She’s still shy of her goal and so has extended the deadline. But, knitters, she needs your help!

Did you know the new Twist Collective is up? Check out this great story about a hitherto unknown Elizabeth Zimmermann cardigan. It’s not only a fantastic story, but it’s a beautiful sweater, too. Now, of course, I want the pattern!


Hey, a friend from Portland sent me this article from her local paper about the Sock Summit last weekend. I’ve read about it online, now I can read it in hardcopy, too. Thanks, Carolyn!

Oh, and you know that novel I’ve been stuck on for years? The one that was stuck at about 50,000 words for about six years because I couldn’t get past one, crucial historical detail/plot point? Well, the good news is that it’s now at  61,762 words … a great improvement!

Here’s a very cool stop-action video. I swear, I feel this way sometimes when I try to sit at the computer and WORK, too.

Did you see this story about a pilot who just happened to crash his plane in the ocean near a boat of long-distance rowers? What are the odds? Lucky!

And, I still love this surprise squirrel photo.

3 Thoughts on “Peaceful Sunday

  1. My mother and I were in that crowd in the newspaper picture. (I don’t think we actually show anywhere, but we were there!) It was a fun event. I’m thinking of framing the swatch I knitted during the record attempt.
    .-= Judy H.´s last blog ..Another Early Morning =-.

  2. Carolyn on August 18, 2009 at 1:15 am said:

    So glad you got and enjoyed the article! I got a kick out of reading it.

  3. What a nice day! I’ve heard that Sunday (the knitter, not the day) is working out copyright issues with Meg Swanson and others in order to offer the EZ sweater pattern.
    .-= Ina´s last blog ..Green Stash Flash =-.

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