Okay, the body of the sweater is DONE!

Next up? Sleeves.


And, button bands? Not actually necessary. The front cables are a series of Xs and Os, and I knit a button hole into each of the Os. You can’t really see them, because they’re kind of hidden by the close of the O, but they’re there … which is perfect, because it gives me the option of leaving it exactly like this, or, if I choose, adding additional button bands later. But, I don’t HAVE to.

Chappy had a sneaky morning today … he somehow got my bedroom door open around 8:00/8:30 and wandered down the hallway to visit his grandparents. Actually, as Dad describes it, he slunk down the hallway, like he was afraid he was going to be yelled at. But no, it was cute. They said good morning and even let him out to make his puddle, and then he came back up into our bedroom, jumped his front paws up to give me a kiss (“Mommy, guess what I did!”) and then went back to sleep until I got up around 9:00.

We’ve told him that ONE time, it was cute, but not to make a habit of it! He also got a nice, long walk today and then pretty much slept the whole afternoon. I made granola and a batch of oatmeal bar cookies, and some pot roast. I also gave Chappy a haircut this morning, miraculously BEFORE Mom vacuumed. (I have a knack for giving him his trims just after, and then, poof, little tufts of chocolate fur all over.)

Back to work tomorrow, though. It was a really lovely weekend, even if a little warm for this time of year. I’m worried that my two rooms are going to be uncomfortably hot come the summer, but am waiting to see how efficient the air conditioning is. There’s no question, though, that on the days when it’s not hot enough to turn it on (like this weekend), the streaming sun in the back of the house definitely heats up this room. A lot. In fact, I’m kind of hot right now, but, well, there’s the light right behind me, and the computer in my lap … man, I absolutely hate being hot! I never complain about being cold, but truly detest feeling hot and sticky. Sigh…

4 Thoughts on “Body Sans Sleeves

  1. Love the shawl pin… a really nice person must have given that to you…..The sweater is really shaping up…you do the nicest cables.

  2. That sweater is just looking great! It really helps having it sewed together into a sweater shape. Love the “buttonholes in the Os” idea – great addition to flexibility.
    .-= Anne Campbell´s last blog ..Knitting at Work =-.

  3. What a beautiful job you are doing! Years ago I knitted a dress with long sleeves. First I took off the sleeves. Then I cut the top. Finally I ended up shortening the skirt. Somehow even with all that cutting and a team of relatives helping me I still never finished that project.

    It also didn’t help that I started it in Paris when it was very, very cold and took it with me to San Diego where it is never cold.

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    .-= viveca´s last blog ..Extremely Fatigued for Years. How Can I Stop Feeling So Tired all the Time? =-.

  4. patty on March 22, 2010 at 6:22 pm said:

    P R E T T Y

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