The Garden State Sheep Breeders’ Sheep and Fiber Festival. Or the New Jersey Sheep and Wool Festival. I honestly can never remember the official name of this event, but whatever you want to call it, Mom and I went yesterday.


Sheep-herding. (Don’t tell Chappy there were any dogs there, please.)






An unfortunate Poodle-cut for this poor sheep.



A very cute, very little, very young baby alpaca and his/her Mom.


A clown, even!


Some results from the photo contest.


Some adorable felted pumpkins. I offered to buy one for Mom, but she said no (even though she does love pumpkins).

We also saw–though I took no pictures of–Risa and the twins, Kim, Jessica, Anne, and several other people we know, which made it particularly nice.

Mom and I got home around 2:30, I think, and were both exhausted. It’s frankly a little worrying. If three hours at a fiber festival and a little over two hours in the car can wear us out this badly … how exhausted are we going to be after Rhinebeck?

Today I’ve been busy with Sunday stuff–chores, mostly. Lots of laundry, some dusting. I finally got around to cleaning that full-length mirror I sometimes use for photos. I baked Dad an apple pie. I scrubbed the bathtub (something I should do more often). ¬†You know, stuff like that.

I have been spinning, though not as much as I was during the Tour de Fleece. I bought some new fibers to try, too,


This is a few ounces of various fibers from International Fleeces, including some authentic Stansborough Grey from New Zealand, the one and only authentic wool used in Lord of the Rings. I bought some fiber to spin, but also some lace-weight yarn. Enough for a shawl, though I’ve been missing my lace mojo lately.

Otherwise–working on my book (up to 30,000 words now). Thinking about writing up that bag pattern because I’m so happy with it–though that will mean knitting a second one to make sure all my notes work. (Gosh, a second bag? That’s just dreadful.)

One other thing we’re excited about? Mom, Chappy, and I made our reservations for our next trip to Martha’s Vineyard–next month! We haven’t been to the island in the Fall since something like 1998 and I can’t wait. We’ll be staying in two different places because neither of them had all four nights available. This is fine because we like both spots, but it will be interesting to see how Chappy handles changing hotels mid-trip. He’s never done that before, and it usually takes him a night to really settle in to a new place, so we’re hoping he’ll sleep that third night away! The one negative is that, the B&B we’ll be staying at that Monday night doesn’t have internet (yikes) or television so (double-yikes) we won’t be able to watch CHUCK that night. (Gulp.) We’ll manage, though… and, anyway, vacations are NOT about television.

Oh yes, one more thing. I know I’ve been posting less often lately and it’s mostly because I keep getting nasty notes from my hosting provider telling me I’m above my monthly limit. I still don’t quite see how that’s possible, but since I don’t know how I could possibly make this blog use less bandwidth, the only thing I can figure is that, if I post only a couple times a week, rather than almost every day, I’ll automatically be using less space. And that will have to do until I can figure out something more permanent. I promise, if you suddenly find that this blog is unavailable, it is NOT because I’ve decided to stop posting without telling you! It will entirely be a administrative snafu.

So … gonna go start the pot roast now.

4 Thoughts on “Garden State Fiber Festival

  1. It looks like a lot of fun! It was great weather!

  2. Did Mom tell you that I made an apple pie this morning, too? Only I used apples from OUR trees – the first time ever. The last time I used our apples for anything was the first year after we planted the trees. There were two apples – not enough for baking – so I sliced them, dried them, and put them on a wreath. That was when the kitchen was blue! Love you, Deb!

  3. Deb, I really love the way your bag came out and would love to see you create the pattern. I’d be one of the first to purchase it.

    This is a great time for you and your Mom to visit MV. I’m sure the three of you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  4. what a wonderfully perfect looking time!

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