First things first–


My nephew graduated high school!

And he put the sweater I made him on just long enough for me to snap one (not very good) photo:


The important thing, though, is that (1) he seemed to like it, (2) he definitely seemed to appreciate it, and (3) it fits! The rest is out of my hands.

As to other knitting, I’m almost done with my EZ Green Cardigan. I’m working on the neckband and when that’s done, the only thing left will be to sew on the buttons and to add loops to hold them. So … which buttons do YOU like for this almost-finished sweater?



I asked Chappy, his opinion and this is what HE said:


Not particularly helpful.


Speaking of green–I made this lovely green yarn out of those three bobbins of singles–two dark olive, one light olive–and am thrilled with the way it came out.


I also turned my Autumn Dreams sweater (which never fit right) into a purse. I tried so many things to try to salvage it as a garment, but none of them worked, so finally … I just cut off the top altogether, added a lining and some leather handles I picked up at Rhinebeck, and here we go.


Actually, I was really proud of myself for coming up with a way to attach those handles. They had a loop at the end that couldn’t be opened, so I took the neckband of the felted sweater and threaded it through all four handle-ends and then sewed it to the top of the bag (which is actually the bottom ribbing of the sweater) and tucked it in behind the lining. Those handles aren’t going anywhere!


Didn’t my nephew look handsome in his tux for the prom?

Let’s see, what else?

My sister enjoyed her birthday present:


Homemade Vanilla extract by yours truly.

Oh, and it’s entirely possible that I might have put my tax refund (which I didn’t expect to get in the first place) toward a new camera. (Cough)

Chappy had a rough night the other night. We had some big thunderstorms and instead of being stoic like usual, he sat in his crate PANTING at me, nudging the latch every now and again because he so badly wanted to be OUT of the crate. I figured he would quiet down after the worst of them passed overhead, but no. So after about an hour and a half of pant!pant!pant!, I got out of bed (about 4:30, this was) and petted him for a while. He was so GRATEFUL to be out of that crate! I still can’t figure out what made him react that strongly. I mean, I know he hates thunderstorms, but to pant nonstop for over two hours in the middle of the night? When he usually is so calm about it? What was it about this storm that set him off so?

Still, other than that, I swear Chappy spends most of his time laughing at me.


What can I tell you? Life is just a bowl of …


5 Thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Oh.. I’ve missed you— thought something was really wrong, but now i see: a glitch! Did you try emailing Trek at She’s a computer professor and teaches blogging… she’s fixed my blog. And she lives in NJ!

  2. I wonder what was so scary about that particular storm? Glad Chappy weathered it!

    Your nephew looks quite dashing in both his new knit sweater and his tux.

    I like the swirl buttons @ 1 o’clock FWIW.

    Clever!! I’m so happy you found a way to use your Autumn Rose. So annoying that it had so many fitting problems.

  3. Your nephew is a cutie! And both of your sweaters are terrific.

    Genius idea for the sweater/purse. I know that project has dogged you for a long time. :-)

  4. Congrats to your nephew! He’s a nice boy for wearing the sweater you made.

    You might be the only person I know who cut up a multi colored sweater for a purse.

    Last but not least, I like the swirly multi colored buttons, upper right, for the new sweater!

  5. Cindy on June 30, 2011 at 8:46 am said:

    Congratulations Tyler….I can’t believe he is finished with high school. I am glad Chappy weathered the storm OK, but I too would be a bit concerned about the panting. Tell him Horatio says HI and would like him to come visit him in his new house when we move in August.

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