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myavatar.jpg Well, me. I’ve been knitting since I was in college, about 1988. I had spent a semester in London and been so impressed with all the yarn, and yet disgusted with myself, that I couldn’t do anything with it. And then determined not to let that happen again. I’ve been knitting ever since.

Spinning? Yes, I do that, too. I started with a spindle in late November 2004, got my first wheel in December, my second wheel the following Spring, and now have three.

Otherwise? I spend the rest of my time playing with my dog, reading (a lot), spinning (the fictional type), baking . . . all of which gets documented here. I have another blog that’s all about writing, grammar, manners, and basic tenets of Civilization, and it’s called Punctuality Rules! I run a weekly meme on reading, too, called Booking Through Thursday. Oh yes, there‚Äôs a full-time job in there, too. If you want to reach me directly, my e-mail address is deb AT chappysmom DOT com.

Regal ChappyThen, of course, there’s Chappy. He’s my Boykin Spaniel and turned 6 years old in July 2007. I’ve developed an entire, online persona all based on this lovely little dog.

He’s my second Boykin Spaniel–Katy, my first, was killed by a car when she was 20-months old, but I must say, this is just a wonderful breed.

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